Help Us Help you

by Melanie Stewart

LiveGreen has a lot of great stuff happening on campus, and we could really use your help on a couple of things:

Since its installation in April of 2014 over 3,000 books have been donated to us and given away at the Little Free Library, and that doesn’t count all the books you have placed directly on the shelves.  Thank you!  We can still use more, so feel free to bring books in whenever you can.  If you have a large donation, email and we’ll help!

Check out our Supply Exchange.  There are lots of free research and office supplies waiting to find new homes while saving you money.

Lab coat rebranding should be complete.  If you would like to donate your ‘old’ coat we’ll remove the names and patches and find a school that needs them for art or science classes.  Coats can be dropped off at the UNMC Bookstore in the Student Life Center, Company Store on the main floor of Clarkson, or by contacting

Thinking about using one of the Zipcars on campus?  Be sure to sign up with Zipcar ahead of when you need it.  You will receive a card that will allow you to reserve and use a car.  Zipcars are for personal use only.

If you are on the 42nd and Dewey campus, recycle cardboard by breaking down boxes (all types and sizes) and leaving them for your EVS rep.  Don’t place cardboard in paper recycling bins.    Metal and plastic are comingled in the green bins.  Plastic must be rigid/hold shape, regardless of number.  Bottles, cups, lids, utensils, straws, frozen dinner trays, etc. can all be recycled.  Plastic bags, cellophane, film, etc. cannot be recycled.

You can recycle 9V, AA, AAA, C, & D single use alkaline batteries from your work on campus.  Please tag rechargeable batteries of any size and ‘button’ batteries separately for pickup by Chem Safety.  Batteries from home cannot be recycled here.

Is your TerraCycle box for writing instrument recycling filling up? Dump it into another box, Contact for a free shipping label, send it in, and keep your TerraCycle box.  TerraCycle upcycles or recycles the items and makes a per-item donation to Nebraska Medicine.

If you took the TravelSmart or Sustainability Survey, thank you!  Results and gift certificate winners will be announced soon!


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