Executive Sustainability Council

By Melanie Stewart

Sustainability is important to many of you.  We see this in your actions on campus, the questions you ask, and the feedback you give us.  One of you told us “UNMC and Nebraska Medicine need to serve the community by exceeding the current standards and becoming a shining example of sustainability.”  We agree.  Everything we do has an impact and the Med Center’s size allows us to be a leader in this field, make a noticeable difference in the world around us, and fulfill our mission to create a healthy future.

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine formally adopted the campus’ first ever Sustainability Master Plan (SMP) in 2014, marking sustainability as a high priority.  An Executive Sustainability Council (ESC) was formed to leverage recent activities and further facilitate success in the short and long term.  This Council is an executive level group responsible for ensuring that the strategies outlined in the Sustainability Master Plan are executed, and progress is tracked and demonstrated.  The Council will consider ways current activities can be expanded and connected with academic and patient-focused activities on campus.

Executive Sustainability Council Members:


Dr. Ali Khan; Dean, College of Public Health

Chad Brough; Chief Experience Officer

Ken Hansen; Assoc. Vice Chancellor and Director, Campus Facilities

Focus Area Leads:

Energy and Water, including Green House Gas Emissions

Ken Hansen

Transportation & Campus Planning

Jennifer Bartholomew; Director, Facilities Planning and Construction;

Waste Reduction and Recycling, including Food Services

Rick Boldt; Assistant Safety Manager, Sodexo Liaison

Robert Jennings; Manager, Materials Management

Campus Engagement

Melanie Stewart; Manager, Sustainability

Department Champions:

Information Technology Services:

Yvette Holly; Assistant Vice Chancellor for ITS

Brian Lancaster; Executive Director, Information Management


Tom Strudl; Director, Procurement and Contracting

Jeff Elliott; Director, Procurement and Materials Management


Bill O’Neill; Director, Public Relations

Paul Baltes; Director, Communications

Human Resources

Frank Venuto; Chief Human Capital Officer

Aileen Warren; Assistant Vice Chancellor for HR


Suhasini Kotcherlakota, Faculty Senate Representative

Mitch Nohner, Student Senate Representative


The first ESC meeting took place last week.  In his opening remarks, Dr. Gold asked the group to further sustainability efforts on campus using our ITEACH values, and to change campus culture for an even larger positive effect.  This group is engaged and ready to do just that.  You can expect to see more great things soon!


photo credit: freeimages.com/KrzysztofSckurlatowski

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