Executive Sustainability Council


Role & Purpose of the ESC. The Executive Sustainability Council was established in 2016 to ensure achievement of the system’s sustainability goals. Roles are outlined below. 

  • Set sustainability-related vision and goals
  • Allocate the resources (financial and staff time) necessary to achieve campus sustainability goals
  • Strategize the effective communication of the importance and impact of sustainability within and outside of the organization 
  • Determine and enact policy changes that lead toward achievement of campus sustainability goals
  • Assist in brainstorming strategies, determining timing for implementation of resource-intensive strategies, and coordinating working groups to implement resource-intensive strategies
  • Appropriately connect operationally-focused sustainability efforts with academic and patient-focused activities of the organization
  • Ultimately accountable for organizational progress towards the goals

Current Members of the ESC [Updated August 2023]

  • Dr. Ali Khan, Dean of the College of Public Health & Professor
  • Jen Bartholomew, Vice President, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities
  • Julie Lazure, Vice President, Operations
  • Anne Barnes, Vice Chancellor, Business and Finance
  • Tom Macy, Vice President, Operations 
  • Matt Pospisil, Vice President, Operations
  • Kelly Vaughn, Vice President Operations
  • Julie Sommer, Research Facilities Planner II
  • Ada K Walker, Vice President Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer
  • Dr. Alison Freifeld, Professor Emerita
  • Scott Raymond, Vice President, Information Technology
  • Rachel Lookadoo, Assistant Professor
  • Sarah Gloden-Carlson, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director for Human Resources
  • Dr. Joachim Voss, Associate Dean of Academic Programs
  • Mamello Makhele, Student
  • Rachel Kehrberg, Student