**Please note: By UNMC and Nebraska Medicine policy, ALL PAPER must be placed in a blue desk-side container, large blue bin, locked grey (sometimes beige) bin, or locked cart.  All paper is shredded to ensure HIPAA/FERPA/confidentiality compliance.  Even if that paper does not need to be shredded (i.e. newspaper) it is still placed in one of those containers.

Virtually all paper products on campus can be recycled: copy paper, envelopes (including plastic windows), scratch paper, glossy paper, construction paper, clean food packaging, newspaper, receipts, post-its, notebook paper…detecting a pattern here?  If it’s paper, put it in the bin.  You do not need to remove staples, paper clips, or small binder clips for recycling (but why wouldn’t you save the paper and binder clips for future use?).

Facial tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc. cannot be recycled and should be placed in the trash.

If you have large quantities to recycle, please contact EVS (559-4073) so they can provide you with a larger bin, making it easier for you and safer for your EVS colleague.