Program Guidelines

TravelSmart: Program Guidelines

TravelSmart program participants understand and agree to the following guidelines and expectations:

  • They will actively participate in the program.
  • They will only use the benefits of the program to travel to/from the 42nd & Dewey or MMI campuses for work or school related purposes (i.e., not for leisure).
  • They will only use the benefits of the program for themselves.
  • They will provide feedback when asked about their level of participation, what is working well, and how the program can improve.
  • They understand that this is a voluntary program and that they can call Parking Services at any time if they choose to terminate their participation in the program.
  • They understand that if they choose to cancel their current parking permit as part of the registration process or at any point in the future, they will have 3 months to request and receive the same parking assignment; after this 3-month period, they can obtain a parking permit, but the assignment will be based on space availability.
  • They understand that changes to the program may occur at any point and that UNMC and Nebraska Medicine will make every effort to promptly notify them of any future modifications to the program.
  • They understand that their participation in the program can be terminated at any point for violating program guidelines.


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