Campus Engagement

In addition to serving as a major medical center educating approximately 3,500 professional students each year, UNMC/NM also represent two of the largest employers in the City of Omaha and the State of Nebraska with over 10,000 employees. These employees and students have demonstrated support for UNMC/NM’s past sustainability efforts and for the continued expansion of the initiative. Per a recent survey, over 90 percent of employee and student respondents indicated that it is important to them that UNMC/NM are committed to sustainability. Much of this support is the result of the educational efforts of the two campus green teams: UNMC LiveGreen and Nebraska Medicine’s Energy Advocates Team—which have now combined to be a single unit: LiveGreen. UNMC/NM can build upon this foundation of support and further engage employees and students about sustainability by implementing the strategies noted in this section. By doing so, UNMC/NM will foster an organizational culture that actively supports and is invested in the sustainability goals and initiatives, as well as embed environmental consciousness into daily business decisions and institutional projects.


Results from two anonymous online surveys
distributed to UNMC/NM employees
and students in September 2012 and December
2012 were combined and averaged
to establish a baseline Sustainability
Engagement Score, which can range from
0 to 100. A higher Sustainability
Engagement Score indicates that
more employees and students are highly
aware of UNMC/NM’s sustainability efforts,
highly knowledgeable about how
to conserve energy and resources while at
work or school, and regularly engage in
various conservation behaviors on campus.
The baseline Sustainability Engagement
Score for UNMC/NM is 45, based on the
average of the awareness, knowledge, and
behavior frequency metrics.


Employee and Student Engagement
Achieve a Sustainability Engagement
Score of 75 by the end of 2023