TravelSmart Program Description

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As a TravelSmart participant, you have access to the following:

  • Free online service to help match you with carpool partners
  • Free carpool pass
  • Free Omaha Metro bus rides and access to improved bus stops/shelters around campus
  • Free indoor/secure bike parking and access to lockers and shower facilities
  • Free ride home if an emergency occurs on a day that you use active transportation (Emergency Ride Home)
  • Opportunity to cancel or keep your current parking permit (if you cancel it, you have a 3-month grace period to request it back for the same parking lot)
  • $3 Daily-rate flexible parking for the days you travel to campus by yourself in a vehicle (assuming you cancel your current parking permit)

 What is TravelSmart?

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Emergency Ride Home

Daily-Rate Flexible Parking

Carpool Matching

I TravelSmart

TravelSmart participants from UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, and Clarkson College.

Dr. Maggie Ryan,
Clinical Pharmacist
“I walk to campus because it is easy and nice to get in a little workout!  It is also a nice and mindless way to decompress after work.”
Robert Fuchs,
Associate Professor
“I bike to campus because it’s good exercise, it reduces air pollution, it reduces my carbon footprint, and it’s fast.”
Sonja Cox,
Education Programs Coordinator
“I regularly take the bus to campus because it’s great to hop on the bus and let someone else do the driving. I can either read or just relax and enjoy the ride!”
Melanie Stewart,
Sustainability Manager
“I carpool because it reduces pollution and traffic congestion, saves time, and saves me money on gas and vehicle maintenance.”

The TravelSmart program aims to:

  • Provide staff and students with cost-effective options for traveling to and from campus
  • Promote more active and healthier modes of travel
  • Reduce parking pressure and traffic congestion on campus
  • Reduce vehicle emissions and pollution around campus
  • The overall goal of the program is to have 20% or more of students and staff regularly travel to and from the 42nd & Dewey campus using active transportation.


Frequently Asked Questions about TravelSmart.

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