TravelSmart Program Description

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As a TravelSmart participant, you have access to the following:

  • Free carpool pass
  • Free Omaha Metro bus rides and access to improved bus stops/shelters around campus
  • Free indoor/secure bike parking and access to lockers and shower facilities
  • Free ride home if an emergency occurs on a day that you use active transportation (Emergency Ride Home)
  • Opportunity to cancel or keep your current parking permit (if you cancel it, you have a 3-month grace period to request it back for the same parking lot)
  • $3 Daily-rate flexible parking for the days you travel to campus by yourself in a vehicle (assuming you cancel your current parking permit)

 What is TravelSmart?

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Learn More – Program Support

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Emergency Ride Home

Daily-Rate Flexible Parking

The TravelSmart program aims to:

  • Provide staff and students with cost-effective options for traveling to and from campus
  • Promote more active and healthier modes of travel
  • Reduce parking pressure and traffic congestion on campus
  • Reduce vehicle emissions and pollution around campus
  • The overall goal of the program is to have 35% or more of students and staff regularly travel to and from the 42nd & Dewey campus using active transportation.


Frequently Asked Questions about TravelSmart.

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