Heartland B-cycle

University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive free annual bike share memberships through the TravelSmart program, in a limited quantity. 

Sign up for TravelSmart now to get your pass. 

Bike sharing is particularly helpful for people who need to connect the first and last miles of their commutes from home to a bus station and to work. Biking is also a quick and healthy way to travel to meetings or appointments throughout the day, and a great way to get some exercise on the city’s trails. Heartland BCycle’s fleet is fully electric, which give riders an extra boost as they pedal, helping them arrive at their destination sooner and sweat-free! 

Omaha’s bike share system, Heartland BCycle, features about 70 stations throughout the city including several around the 42nd & Dewey campus, Midtown Crossing, UNO, and neighborhoods including Blackstone, Aksarben, and downtown.

Sign up for a free Heartland B-cycle membership. To sign up:
  • Regardless of TravelSmart status — existing program users and new participants — register for TravelSmart and choose the “bicycle” mode and any other modes you think are applicable to your commuter needs.
  • Once registered for TravelSmart, participants will receive a confirmation email containing a special promo code. Applications are processed manually, in the order in which they are received. It may take 24-48 to be processed at which time you will receive the confirmation email with the promo code. Please DO NOT apply multiple times, this will only slow the process. We appreciate your patience. When all codes are exhausted applicants will be notified.
  • On the BCycle app, follow the instructions below to register for an annual membership. When prompted, enter the user’s UNMC/Nebraska Medicine email address and the unique code from the TravelSmart confirmation email.
    • Download the BCycle App to your phone.
    • Tap “Get Riding” while on the Welcome to Heartland Bike Share screen.
    • Tap the $156 box next to “ANNUAL Pass” option.
    • Enter your information.
    • Select “MAYBE LATER” for membership card as this is a $5 fee and not included with the promo code price.
    • Review the Rider Agreement and select “Agree” once finished.
    • Tap “Promo Code” and make sure to enter/apply the promo code which will update the price from $156 to $0. Double check this so that you are not charged.
    • If the promo code does not work, make sure you have entered your UNMC/NEMED email.
    • You will need to enter your credit card information. Your card will only be charged for overage fees (for trips over 60 minutes) and lost or stolen bikes per user agreement.
    • Make sure to opt in to text/email notifications to ensure your trip has been closed.
    • Go ride a bike!
  • Please note that members will be required to input credit card information but will not be charged except in the event that they check out a bike for longer than 60 minutes. The med center program covers all costs associated with trips under one hour. For bike share questions or concerns please visit their contact page.

How to Use Heartland BCycle 

  1. To find a station close to you, use the Heartland B-cycle app or go to the website live map. Below is a map of stations closest to the Med Center. The number on each blue station indicator is the number of bikes at that specific station. If the blue station indicator has a lightning bolt, that means that the station has an electric bike available. Locations on the 42nd and Dewey campus are: 
      1. 42nd and Dewey; in front of the College of Nursing
      2. 45th and Emile; in front of the Durham Research Centers
      3. 44th and Farnam; in front of Doctors North
      4. 40th and Leavenworth; at the Field Club Trailhead
      5. 39th and Jackson; between Maurer Center for Public Health and Student Life Center
      6. 40th and Farnam;  south of Midtown Health Center

There are also stations at Midtown Crossing, UNO, throughout Blackstone, Aksarben, downtown, and more.

  1. You can then choose from  several methods to unlock the bicycle you would like to use including: 
    1. Download and use the BCycle app. 
    2. Scanning a credit card sized pass you receive in the mail upon registering (a $5 fee and not included with the promo code).
  2. Return it to any station when you finish your ride! 
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