Writing Instrument Recycling Program

LiveGreen is offering a special recycling program for defunct writing instruments used at UNMC, Nebraska Medicine and Clarkson College. As part of the program, departments collect old, non-functioning writing instruments, such as pens, dry-erase markers, and sharpies.

Once the collection boxes are full, the department empties the contents of the collection box into another container and sends that container via campus mail to: LiveGreen Zip: 7100.  Please email LiveGreen@unmc.edu so we know it is on the way.  Do not mail the actual TerraCycle box, continue to use it for collections.

If you are using a different box for collection or need an updated sign to identify what items can be placed in the box, please download this sign and print as is:

For more information about the program, please reference the questions and answers noted below.

How do I get a TerraCycle box for my area?

TerraCycle is not currently providing new boxes, please repurpose an existing box for your area to use for collection.  You can print and use the sign above to note what can be recycled in your box.

What types of writing instruments can be placed in the TerraCycle box?
Clicker pens, pens with caps, pen refills, mechanical pencils, highlighters, permanent markers, wet or dry erase markers can all be recycled in the TerraCycle box.  Brand and color do not matter.  Please do not place correction fluid (e.g., White-Out) or correction tape, crayons, colored pencils, or wooden/#2 pencils in the box.

Can I recycle writing instruments from home, another business/school, or non-UNMC/Nebraska Medicine locations?

You cannot bring those writing instruments to our campus, as we have to pay to recycle them.  Other entities can purchase their own TerraCycle box to recycle those items.  Click here for more info.

Once the box is full, what should the department do?
When a box is full of defunct writing instruments, the department representative should empty the contents of the collection box into another container and campus mail that box to: LiveGreen Zip: 7100.  Please email LiveGreen@unmc.edu so we know it is on the way.

Please DO NOT ship the actual TerraCycle box (this box is meant to stay in the department and be reused for collection).

What happened to the pre-paid shipping labels?

This portion of the program has changed.  Instead, writing instruments are sent in a larger container which LiveGreen is coordinating.

Where should a department place the TerraCycle box?
It is up to the department on where it would like to place the box.  Many place it in a central location, where it’s easy to find.

How does a department know if someone has already ordered a TerraCycle box that respective department or work area?
Due to logistical challenges associated with this volunteer-coordinated program, LiveGreen is not maintaining a list of the departments that request a bin. In light of this, please ask other employees if a box has already been ordered before placing a request.

Can non-42nd and Dewey campus locations collect items for recycling?
Yes, external sites can participate as the box can be delivered to the department/site via inter-office mail.

What happens to the collected writing instruments once they are sent to TerraCycle?
TerraCycle will recycle the items and turn them into other fun and innovative products. Learn more at https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/zero_waste_boxes/pens-pencils-and-markers

I have a TerraCycle box, but no longer want it.  Is it recyclable?

Technically, yes.  HOWEVER, we are not receiving new boxes from TerraCycle so we would prefer to use that box elsewhere on campus.  Please email LiveGreen@unmc.edu to arrange a pickup of your box.

*If you have additional questions regarding TerraCycle not answered above, please email LiveGreen@unmc.edu