Lab Coats

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine lab coats can be recycled and repurposed by sending all lab coats, regardless of condition to LiveGreen, campus zip 7100.

Reasons to send in a lab coat:

  • Old brand, can’t be worn
  • Person whose name is on the coat has left
  • In a condition that it cannot be worn (stained, etc.)

To protect our patient’s safety and the brand, coats CANNOT be taken home, donated, or thrown away.

Lab coats are assessed, the brand is removed, and they are then given to research labs on campus, donated to local schools for use in science/art/cooking classes, or the fabric is upcycled into blankets for kids.

If you have lab coats to send in, please make sure any items in the pockets have been removed and disposed of properly.  Then reuse a box or large envelope from campus, place the lab coats inside, and send to LiveGreen, zip 7100.


**We are only accepting coats from UNMC and Nebraska Medicine at this time; not from outside organizations.