Free Trees for Fall Planting

Med Center Receives Trees as Part of Grant; Great Time for You to Plant Too

Campus Sustainability Month

Virtual events in October combine health and sustainability

Car-Free Day

Opportunity to change your transportation for a day, achieve better health

Active Transportation Improvements in Omaha

Changes make all of us healthier, and transportation to campus easier

Recycling Event Success

Lots of materials collected for a big impact, with help to the Maverick Food Pantry

Planned Obsolescence

Your health is impacted by the things you buy

Davis Global Center has Cutting Edge Building Technology Too

Change in practice avoids energy/emission use, saves money

Carbon Dioxide and Your Health

Where does carbon come from and go, and how does it impact your health?

Health and Urban Trees

Trees Can Help Improve Human Health, Especially Those That Are Most at Risk

Human health and pollinators

The work of pollinators is connected to your health, and survival