Sept. 22 is World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day, which encourages individuals to eliminate the use of their car for a day, will be celebrated on Sept. 22.

Takeaways from the report on climate change

Earth is on track to cross the critical 1.5°C threshold within 20 years.

Shutting the fume hood sash saves energy

If you spend time in a lab, you have an opportunity to help reduce a significant amount of energy during the hot summer months — and all year round. Fume hoods that are left open when not in use consume the same amount of…

Med center receives Better Buildings Award

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine have been awarded the 2021 Better Buildings Goal Achiever Award.

World Population DaY

Last Sunday, July 11, was World Population Day.

International Plastic Bag Free Day is July 3

International Plastic Bag Free Day is July 3

Recycling event a success

The medical center diverted a total of 12,040 pounds from landfill this year during the annual recycling event.

Med center in energy curtailment

UNMC and the Nebraska Medical Center will be in energy curtailment through Friday.

Energy curtailment

Control energy demand to lower emissions and costs.

Happy National Transportation Week

National Transportation Week