Emergency Ride Home

TravelSmart: Emergency Ride Home

If you are a registered TravelSmart participant and you need an emergency ride home

Follow instructions below to receive a ride

Purpose & Key Details

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine have partnered with zTrip, to offer a free Emergency Ride Home (ERH) service to registered TravelSmart participants when unforeseen emergencies come up on the days they bike, carpool, take the bus, or walk to campus.

Please note the following key details of the ERH support program:

  • This 24-hour service can only be used to travel home or to a doctor’s office, hospital, or dependent’s school/daycare.
  • The ERH program can only be used for the following conditions:
    • Unexpected illness of a participant or carpool driver
    • Unexpected illness or accident of an immediate family member (child, partner/spouse, parent, or household dependent)
    • Unscheduled overtime or late meeting (i.e. no advance notice that the participant would have to work late)
    • Carpool driver had to leave work early for an emergency
    • Carpool vehicle or bicycle breakdown
  • Given the agreement with zTrip and the number of transport vehicles in the area, TravelSmart participants should expect to be picked up within 5 to 10 minutes of requesting the ride. However, in rare occasions, it could take up to 15 – 20 minutes for a driver to arrive. A participant will be notified of the estimated wait time when they call.
  • All ERH rides must originate from the 42nd & Dewey campus.
  • Up to 2 stops are permitted per ERH trip (e.g., a child’s school and then home).
    • Please note, while all vehicles can transport children in carseats, zTrip will not provide a car seat for your use.  If your child needs to be in a carseat you will need to provide the carseat or transport the child in your vehicle.


  • To request an Emergency Ride Home TravelSmart Participants must:
    • ECCP colleagues: use the address 3333 Farnam Street, zip 68131; then skip to 5th bullet “Call zTrip”
    • 42nd and Dewey campus colleagues: Click here to view the map of pick-up locations.
    • Select the number associated with the location at which you wish to be picked up.
    • Note the address in the key on the map that is associated with that number.
      • Please note, these locations have been selected because they are in an area where a car can safely stop to pick you up. In most cases, the address provided is not the building address, but does work in map apps to get the driver to you.  Please use this address.
    • Call zTrip at 402-292-2222
    • Be prepared to provide:
      • Your name
      • Date and time of pick-up
      • Pick-up address (provided for you on the map)
      • Drop-off address (where you need to go)
      • Account number: 9044*
        • The * in the account number is the first initial of your last name. g. Jane Doe would provide account number 9044D, Bob Smith will provide account number 9044S
        • Your last name is how you were registered in the system. If your last name has changed, please email TravelSmart@unmc.edu so your file can be updated.
      • Confirm your name; you must be on the authorized list zTrip has in order to receive a free ride home. Only registered TravelSmart participants are on that list.  Non-registered individuals will not receive a ride.
    • Wait at location you provided for pick-up.
    • Be prepared to show your campus I.D. when entering vehicle.


  • If you wish you can also request a ride via zTrip’s online web booker or free smartphone app.  All requirements remain the same, as well as instructions above.  After you enter the account number, you will be asked to provide an order number.  The order number is your name.  The system will verify that you are on the approved list from this field.  The app allows you to track the progress of your cab in real time.
  • The ERH program may be used for up to 5 rides per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The number of allowable rides will be prorated based on the date a participant initially registers for the TravelSmart program. There is no carry-over from one fiscal year to the next. Rides taken in excess of the 5-ride annual limit are the responsibility of the participant.
  • zTrip oversees a fleet of different vehicles. ERH vehicles should be marked with zTrip logos, but may be marked with logos from Happy Cab, Cornhusker Cab, Yellow Cab, Checker Cab, or Safeway Cab as they update their fleet.
  • When TravelSmart participants are picked up, they will be asked to provide their name, reason for the trip, and show their Med Center issued photo ID badge.
  • As part of the registration process, all TravelSmart participants are asked to confirm that they understand and agree to the ERH Guidelines.


Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Ride Home and other TravelSmart details.

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