Perks of TravelSmart Biking

As a registered bicyclist with the TravelSmart program, you have the following available to you:

  • Free indoor/secure bike parking and access to showers and lockers located in the Annex 22 Building (corner of Saddle Creek Road & Emile Street). Once you register for TravelSmart, we will authorize your identification badge access to the secure parking area. There are individual bike racks within this storage area to lock your bike to (view “Bike Storage & Shower Facilities” video below).
  • Free access to showers and lockers in the Center for Healthy Living (39th & Jones Streets). Once you register for TravelSmart, we will activate your identification badge so that you can use it to enter the Center for Healthy Living and access the showers and daily lockers (this may take up to one week). 
  • Access to a free ride home (or to a doctor’s office, hospital, or a dependent’s school/daycare) when unforeseen emergencies occur.
  • Access to new outdoor bike racks located throughout campus.
  • If you currently have a parking permit, you have the option to keep it or cancel it, with a 3-month grace period in which you can request the permit back.
  • Access to TravelSmart Daily Rate Flexible Parking, a $3/day parking option.

How to videos: 

Properly fit a bike helmet

Lock up your bike 

Parking & facilities

Additional Resources

Bicycling Laws and Safe Bicycling:

Riding Your Bicycle to Campus:


Frequently Asked Questions about TravelSmart biking and other program details.

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