Virtually all metal products on campus can be recycled by placing them in the green bins located all over campus.  Metal is recycled in the same container as plastic. The most common metal
items are pop and tin (soup) cans, but small metal shipping containers and other metals can be recycled too.  Please do not include aerosol cans, Styrofoam, needles, or any item that could be biohazardous, contaminated, or that should be sent to Environmental Health and Safety.

Note: Metal items should be emptied of all food, drink, or packing materials prior to placement in recycling bin.  However, they do not need to be perfectly clean.  Dumping bulk items is generally good enough, but you can reuse your napkin to wipe any remaining food if necessary.  This will prevent odors as well as pests from being attracted to it until the bin is emptied, which occurs when they are ¾ full.