Campus Planning

The UNMC/NM campus has a weekday population of around 15,000. Accordingly, UNMC/NM maintain a Facilities Development Plan to provide a vision and direction for growth on campus. The campus planning section provides a few sustainability-related principles that can supplement the Facilities Development Plan. These principles encourage making the campus a more vibrant, active, and sustainable place for employees, students, patients, visitors, and the surrounding community.


Maintaining relatively high density on
and around campus provides better compatibility
with transit, access for pedestrians
and bicyclists, and it often drives
economic development while combating
sprawl. As such, a density metric was
created for the campus that measures the
amount of built space per developed acre
as follows,
[NM GSF + UNMC GSF + Clarkson GSF] ÷
[(NM acres + UNMC acres + Clarkson acres) – Major
Green Space*)]
*Major green space is green space larger than .25 acres.
where GSF = gross square footage of all
buildings and parking garages on UNMC,
Nebraska Medicine, and Clarkson College
property. GSF does not include surface parking lots.
It is important to note that this metric
should be used only as a guide, rather
than a definitive measure of campus
planning success.
The campus density baseline is 73,327
GSF per developed acre as of December
31, 2010.


Campus Density
Maintain the 2010 density of 73,327
gross square feet of built space per developed