Frequently Asked Questions

TravelSmart: Frequently Asked Questions


If I run into any problems with the TravelSmart program or have any concerns, who should I contact?

You can email us at or call 402.559-8580 (ext. 3).


What is the cost to sign up for TravelSmart?

Zero! Yes, it’s FREE!  Sign-up is free and your free bus pass will continue to be free.  It’s not tied to your Metro Credit Union account; your badge is used to identify you as a rider.

TravelSmart is a perk and can save you money while reducing pollution and promoting a healthy lifestyle while also reducing parking pressure and traffic congestion.

If you choose to carpool and all members of the carpool turn in their parking permits, you will receive a FREE carpool pass to the best parking lot among you (your group’s choice). The person with the best parking lot must register first. 


How do I register for the TravelSmart program?

Click here to go to the TravelSmart registration page.

As a TravelSmart participant, can I use multiple active transportation modes and receive the corresponding program benefits?

Yes. You can use as many of the four active transportation modes as you like. As a registered TravelSmart participant, all program benefits are available to you. If you currently use or plan on using more than one active transportation mode, please make sure to mark the preferred modes when you register for the program. If you’ve already registered for the program, and you would like to start using a different/additional active transportation mode, please contact us at 402.559.8580 (ext. 3) or so we can update your profile.


If I sign up for the program, do I have to start using active transportation (biking, busing, carpooling, or walking)?  Is there a minimum number of times I must use my bus pass?

TravelSmart is a volunteer program. As a registered TravelSmart participant, you are not required to bike, bus, carpool, or walk a specific number of times. However, we strongly encourage you to periodically/regularly use active transportation to travel to and from campus.

The 3-month trial only applies to your parking permit should you choose to turn it in, it does not apply to using active transportation.


Who is eligible to participate in TravelSmart?

At this time, the TravelSmart program is available to staff and students from UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, and Clarkson College who primarily work or study at the 42nd & Dewey campus or the Munroe-Meyer Institute. In the future, this program may be made available to other staff and students.


If I currently have a parking permit, do I have to cancel it in order to participate in the TravelSmart program?

No. You do NOT have to cancel your parking permit to participate in TravelSmart. However, please note that during the program registration process, you will be presented with the option to keep or cancel your parking permit. We encourage you to consider canceling your permit, but it may not be the most desirable option for you from a financial perspective. Generally speaking, if you plan to regularly use active transportation more days per week than drive alone (e.g. 3 out of 5 days/week), it is financially advantageous to cancel your parking permit and pay for $3 daily rate flexible parking on the days you drive a vehicle to campus. However, if you plan to drive by yourself more days per week, it makes more financial sense to keep your parking permit and still use active transportation when you can. If you are uncertain about which option is best for you, please click on the TravelSmart Options Calculator, which can help you identify the option that makes the most sense financially. You can also contact us at 402.559.8580 (ext. 3) / for assistance.

Daily Rate Flexible Parking is available if you need to drive to campus and don’t have a permit.  It’s cheap, stalls are located in parking lots across campus, and you can pay via smartphone or website.

If your carpool partner isn’t coming to work, you can still use your carpool pass.  If you are both driving that day, one can use the carpool pass and the other can use Daily Rate Flexible Parking.

The 3-month trial starts when you turn your permit in.  You save money while you test out TravelSmart, and get your same permit back if you still want it.

IF you decide to turn your parking permit in, you can do so at anytime: when you first register or after you have been using active transportation for a while; whatever works best for you.


If I am a new student or employee who does not have a parking permit and I register for TravelSmart, can I still obtain a parking permit at a later date?

Yes. If you are a new student or employee and you register for the TravelSmart program, you can still obtain a parking permit at any point in the future. Parking assignments are based on space availability, rank, and start date. You will need to visit Parking Services (402.559.8580) to obtain a parking permit.


When does the trial period start?

The trial period only applies if you turn in your parking permit.  You can try out various active transportation modes for as long as you would like and there is no minimum usage required.  IF you turn in your parking permit, you have 90 days from the day Parking Services receives it to request it back for your original lot.  If you do that, you are guaranteed the same lot back.  If you do so after the 90 days you may get the same lot back, or you may not; it depends on availability.  IF you decide to turn your parking permit in, you can do so at any time: when you first register or after you have been using active transportation for a while; whatever works best for you.


I can’t find your bus map, where is it located?

Due to the large number of routes and stops located around campus, as well as the variety of routes people take to get here, we recommend you use the maps and route information on Metro’s website.  It will always display the most updated information and you can look at a system map or maps of individual routes.  If you have any problems or questions on their website, please feel free to contact us at  402.559-8580 (ext. 3),, and/or Metro’s customer service: 402-341-0800.


If I prefer to only participate in TravelSmart (i.e., use active transportation) during certain seasons, can I cancel my permit and then request it back during the off season(s) that I want to drive by myself to campus?

You can cancel your parking permit at any time; however, after 3 months, you are not guaranteed your original/same parking lot. In essence, if you cancel your parking permit as part of the registration process for TravelSmart, your current parking assignment will be available for 3 months from the date you sign up for the program. If you decide you want your parking permit back within this 3-month grace period, a permit for your original lot will be reissued. If you request your parking permit back after 3 months, parking will be reassigned based on space availability.  However, we strongly discourage the idea of repeatedly canceling/requesting a parking permit. If you plan to only use active transportation during certain seasons, we encourage you to sign up for the TravelSmart program but keep your parking permit (and continue paying the regular parking fee).



If I would like to cancel my parking permit and interoffice mail it back to Parking Services, what is the department’s campus zip?

Parking Services’ campus zip = 5001. Please note that only TravelSmart participants who plan to bus, bike, or walk can return their parking permits via interoffice mail. If you are a carpooler and your carpool group wants to cancel your parking permits in order to obtain a free carpool pass, you and your carpool partner(s) must visit Parking Services in person and return all of your parking permits at the same time. A carpool pass will not be issued unless all parking permits are returned at the same time in person.


Have you considered renting bicycles for people on campus to use?

Yes.  Heartland B-cycle, which allows individuals to rent bicycles to use for short time periods, has six locations on our campus.  UNO and Midtown Crossing also have B-Cycle stations, which will provide additional options to travel to those locations.

Some days I need to use my car for work purposes but I still want to use active transportation.  What can I do?

You may use active transportation on the days that you do not need your car.  On the other days, you can drive your personal vehicle and, if you do NOT have a parking permit, park in Daily Rate Flex Parking.


Will there be a shuttle running from campus to places we can park?

At this time shuttles are cost-prohibitive.  However, Metro has added additional Park and Ride locations that may work for you.  You park your car at a location, board the bus and ride the bus to campus.  Most Park and Ride locations have Express Buses that make fewer stops and get to and from your location more quickly.


Are there reserved stalls for electric vehicles to charge their batteries?

There are 6 stalls with electrical outlets reserved for electric vehicles on the lowest level of Lot #50 (formerly Lot #59) next to the pillars.  Stalls are marked for EV parking only. Please note that any electric vehicle owner who would like to regularly park his/her vehicle in these reserved stalls needs to call Parking Services at 402.559.8580 for authorization.