Have you got a good read?

As you may know, last year LiveGreen sponsored the construction of a Little Free Library.

The Little Free Library was constructed as an Eagle Scout project for Matthew Rothgeb, son of UNMC’s Kim Rothgeb. He collected broken pallets from campus, sanded them down, and constructed a library that has a roof made of repurposed Scrabble boards and tiles.

Our Little Free Library is located next to Cornerstone Gifts in the second-floor atrium of the Durham Outpatient Center.

Matthew also collected more than 1,500 books to help us keep it well stocked.Matt-LFL

You can leave a book or take a book. The sharing of books has been a huge success. Many of you have borrowed books and returned them, brought some from home to donate, and collected them within your area at work.

The downside of this, if you will, is that we are now out of books. The books that are on the Little Free Library now are the end of our stock.

So, if you have books at home that are collecting dust, your kids have outgrown, or you have already read, consider bringing them here. This is a great way to:

  • Promote reading for all ages.
  • Fight Illiteracy.
  • Give visitors in waiting rooms a welcome distraction.
  • Work on your New Year’s resolution to organize your house.
  • Find a book you’ve never heard of.
  • Learn something new.

Even Mark Zuckerberg has resolved to read more books in 2015, saying “I’ve found reading books to be very intellectually fulfilling. Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today.”

Books can be left at the library at any time, but please leave them on a shelf. They cannot go on the floor around the library, even if they are in boxes. If the shelves are full, please contact LiveGreen and we will get them from you.

Have a lot of books to bring in at once? Give us some advance notice and we’ll meet you with a cart and find a place to store them until space opens up.

Please keep in mind the Little Free Library is for books, not movies, periodicals, magazines or pamphlets/brochures.

4 Comments on “Have you got a good read?”

  1. Hello! Just wanted to let you know if anyone has dvd movies, cds or magazines they are interested in donating; Volunteer Services at Nebraska Medicine maintains a video and cd library for our guests. We keep magazines in our office as well as send them out to waiting rooms around campus. Just like the Little Library our stock is getting low too!

    The items can be brought to Volunteer Services office on the first floor of Clarkson Tower, dropped at either gift shop or campus mailed to us at zip 7509. For magazines we ask that they be no older than 6 months old for monthly editions and no older than 3 months old for weekly editions. Thank you!

  2. Call our local Omaha Half Price Books. They dispose of books in their dumpster regularly, and it just pains me to see this!

    • Hi Sue,
      Thanks for the tip! I have received books from there before (it pains me too!!) but can’t seem to get anything ‘regular’ set up with them. But we’ll keep working on it.

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