Daily Rate Flexible Parking


Daily rate flexible parking (DRFP) costs $3 per day and was set up to provide:

  • Flexibility for TravelSmart participants who don’t have a parking permit; they can use flexible parking areas on days when they need to travel to campus alone in a vehicle (i.e., the times that they do not bike, bus, carpool, or walk to campus).
  • A convenient and cost-effective parking option for off-site staff and students who have to periodically travel to the 42nd & Dewey campus (i.e., individuals who travel to the 42nd & Dewey campus so infrequently that it does not warrant purchasing a parking permit).


Download parking map

Please pay attention to posted signs. Parking in a patient stall will result in a $100 ticket.

Please note: Parking regulations have changed during the pandemic and personnel on campus has changed.  You cannot park in the Lauritzen Outpatient Center lot at this time, but there are many other lots that you can use during this time.

  • For students who do not have a permit or wish to cancel their existing permit, park in a student lot (15S, 17, 33S, 36, 48S, 49, 62, 63 and 65S).
  • For employees who do not have a permit or wish to cancel their existing permit, park in select surface lots. The available lots are 17, 55, 57, 62, 63, 66 and in the bottom level of Lot 50 and the top level of Lot 6.

Once in the lot, parkers should use the Park Omaha app and pay $3 for the day.  Parking enforcement can see which cars have paid and only these vehicles will not receive a ticket.  If you park in lot 50, lot 6, or lot 55 you will need to park in a Daily Rate Flexible Parking stall.  Parking in a different stall will result in a ticket.

Marked sections of the following parking lots are designated as daily rate flexible parking. Please see the Daily Rate Flexible Parking Map to see the specific locations of the five daily rate flexible parking lots described below:

  • Lot #55: 27 stalls, just to the North of Don & Millies. 
    (This lot is very close to the Doctor’s North Tower).
  • Lot #50: 27 covered stalls located on the lowest level (easily accessible by Jones street or 45th Street from Saddle Creek or Leavenworth) against the far north wall.
    • The stalls on the lowest level of this lot.

  • Lot #17: adjacent to the stairway that leads from Lot 17 to Emile Street, located on the southwest side of campus. To access lot 17, enter at 45th & Dewey.

  • Lot #6: 50 stalls located on the top level in the newest parking garage located on the corner of 41st & Dewey Streets.

All stalls are indicated by the daily rate flexible parking sign with information on the app, as seen here:


With Smartphone Free App

  1. Download the free ParkOmaha app (please note, ParkOmaha is one word), available on both Android and Apple devices (you can use the SQR code on the parking signs).
  2. Complete the two-step authentication (email or text a 3 digit code and type into the app).
  3. ‘Name’ your vehicle as you enter your license plate number which is useful for people who may drive more than one vehicle and don’t want to keep track via license plate.
  4.  Provide a credit or debit card number.  You can choose to type this in each time, or to have the app save your information.
  5. Enter the zone, 222. Select the car you saved by name, and select the saved credit/debit card information.


If you do not have a smartphone or prefer not to use it for payment, you can pay using a web browser, either on a cell phone that has internet access or on a personal computer or tablet.  Please use the website http://omaha.ppprk.com

*If you are logged in with Nebraska Medicine, you may have issues getting this site to load. Please contact your support person or the helpdesk at (402)-559-7700 as they will likely need to install Chrome on your computer.

**If the vehicle you are driving does not have license plates (has In-Transit) you must enter the last 4 digits of your VIN number instead of a license plate number.  The VIN number is found at the base of the windshield, read from the outside, as well as on the driver’s side door frame.  If you enter some version of ‘in transit’ or all of one number you will get a ticket.  Once your car is plated, make the change in the app so the car’s ‘name’ has the correct plate number.**

Length of Stay

Once you have entered your information into the website or app, you are legally parked and a countdown timer will begin. The timer is a convenient way to know how long you can park in a DRFP stall.

By entering your license plate, you can move your car to any other DRFP stall without getting a ticket, as long it’s during the same day, – i.e. You park in DRFPand then leave for a dentist appointment.  When you return, the stall you originally parked in is occupied, so you park in a different stall or even in a different lot.  This is permitted as long as you are still parking in a DRFP stall and your session is still valid (same 20 hour period).


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