Sept. 22 is World Car Free Day

World Car Free Day, which encourages individuals to eliminate the use of their car for a day, will be celebrated on Sept. 22.

Happy National Transportation Week

National Transportation Week

Bikeshare and transit

As the weather warms up, we can expect to see an increase in bicycle commuters coming to campus.

Improving environment step-by-step

With each step, walking can make a difference, not only for you but for the environment.

Plastic is Everywhere

Plastic exists in every room of our home, but there are plastic-free options

ORBT Launches

Transportation in Omaha Takes a Giant Leap Forward

Campus Sustainability Month

Virtual events in October combine health and sustainability

Car-Free Day

Opportunity to change your transportation for a day, achieve better health

Active Transportation Improvements in Omaha

Changes make all of us healthier, and transportation to campus easier

Changes to Daily Rate Flexible Parking

Be aware of this modification, which goes into effect immediately