Fall EcoChallenge

October is campus sustainability month and there is a new EcoChallenge, though similar in style to the one this spring.  This EcoChallenge has new categories (including health!) to choose from and new actions within all the categories, so there is something for everyone, including family members and kids.

You may recall the Drawdown EcoChallenge that we participated in April during earth month; we combined the Med Center team with the team from UNO and we rocked it! Based on our points we were 40th in the nation, out of 767 teams!

We participate because the EcoChallenge is designed to be fun but also to take measurable action on topics that you care about.  While you earn points, you also get to see how these three weeks of learning and/or actions add up to make meaningful change—in our community and around the world.

Join our team! It’s a fun way to learn about a variety of sustainability topics both locally and worldwide and more fully understand the impact of choices we make, but also available solutions. If you have friends or family members that want to join our team, we’d loved to have them as well.

New this fall: we challenged the UNO team to a friendly competition for bragging rights! And did I mention the health category?

Ready to join our team?

You can sign up for free, track/share progress online and earn points.  Points help us to compete against UNO and earn you prizes.  You can select as many actions as you want, ranging from replacing a bulb with a LED, to watching a video, using mass transit, or pledging to spend a specific amount of time learning about a topic.  You can pick whatever interests you as there are numerous options to pick from in 9 different categories:

  • Health
  • Waste
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Community
  • Nature
  • Water
  • Simplicity
  • or Create your own

So what are you waiting for?  Join our team today to turn intention into action; all while having fun and winning prizes—oh, and having a positive impact on the planet and humanity.

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