Alkaline Battery Recycling Help

As you may know, the Med Center recycles single use alkaline batteries.  We provide a repurposed gallon container, you fill it, and we recycle it.  It’s like magic.  Alright, it’s not magic, it’s many of you taking the time to recycle batteries along with some special people behind the scenes that make that happen.

People have been a little lax on compliance, making this process downright un-magical, and threatening its existence.


  • Only single use alkaline batteries can go into these containers.
    • Rechargeable, lithium/nickel ion, watch/button batteries and light bulbs are considered universal waste and must be handled separately. The same online form can be used, but they must be in a separate container.
  • If a battery has acid buildup or corrosion, please place it in a small plastic bag prior to placing it in the container. Movement makes this a dust, exposing our personnel, and no one wants to breath that in.
  • Only batteries used at the Med Center can go in.
    • Batteries from home or personal devices cannot be recycled here. You can contact your local Batteries Plus store as they may recycle them, or hold them until Earth Month.
  • If you have large quantities you can have multiple containers. However, you should still fill out the form when you have an empty one so you can continue to recycle them while waiting for pickup.  EHS has to pick up regulated waste first and while they do their best, it may be several days before they get to you.  Indicate on the form how many containers need to be picked up/replaced.
  • If you are in an area where multiple people ‘manage’ a battery container, please place a note on the lid to indicate the pickup has been requested to avoid multiple requests.

Easy, right?  Please make sure people in your area know these rules so we can continue to keep these chemicals out of the landfill and local waterways.

If you don’t currently have a container but want to recycle batteries, check with your neighbors, there is likely one close by.  If you do need one, use the on-line form to request one.  Make sure your building and room are listed and mention that you do not need a container picked up, just an empty one.

Not located at the 42nd and Dewey campus but still want to recycle batteries?  Email and we’ll help you.


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