Transportation Week is May 11th – 15th

By Tina Spencer

The third Friday of every May is National Transportation Day, which was created to help honor the work of employees in the transportation industry. This year we are more grateful for our bus drivers and other transportation service providers, as they continue to connect our essential workers, healthcare providers, and patients throughout the city at great personal risk.

Usually we would ask that, to honor National Transportation Week, you try taking the bus for the first time or encourage a friend to do so.  Taking the bus has a healthy and positive impact on everyone’s health as emissions from road vehicles are the largest contributors to air pollution. Due to the need to continue our efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus, this year is different. Our focus during this year’s National Transportation Week will be on walking and biking, another healthy form of active transportation.

As the weather grows warmer and the potential to spend more time outside increases, consider using a bicycle for exercise and even to pick up essentials. Now is a great time to perform routine maintenance on your own bike such as adjusting brakes, repairing any flat tires and maintaining bicycle chains. Be safe and don’t forget to wear a helmet!  Make sure it fits correctly so it protects your head.

If you don’t own a bike, Heartland Bike Share has stations available on campus and in the Omaha metro area for you to check out a bike and ride! Bike sharing offers a great chance for you to choose active transportation for short trips and it’s a great health benefit as well. Riding a bike is good exercise for our physical health, while also getting to where you need to be. Biking and walking can help to increase blood flow, release endorphins, and reduce overall stress, helping to improve mental health and increase energy.  Always remember to be respectful of pedestrians on local trails, and keep your distance!

LiveGreen will be hosting an online conversation with Miah Sommer, Founder and Executive Director of the Bike Union Mentoring Project on Tuesday, May 12th from 10:30-11:00. He will discuss the history of the project, ongoing programs and some tips for keeping your bike in good shape while shops are closed.

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