Spring Has Sprung

By Melanie Stewart

I’m sure I shouldn’t be happy about the fact that we are (again!) having unseasonably warm temperatures, but it’s hard not to be excited about Spring!  I love getting out to enjoy the sunshine, watching everything turn green again, seeing early spring flowers emerge, trees flower, and the bright yellow forsythia.

Yay Spring!

Thinking about starting a garden, expanding your current garden, or planting something new?  LiveGreen can help!

We recommend starting with a garden plan.  You can find free resources online, but often a spreadsheet or notebook will work just as well.  Plan where you want to plant, noting sun and water conditions.  This is a great place to keep notes during the growing season; recording what worked and what didn’t as well as where you placed vegetables that need to be rotated annually.

If you have plants to split or are looking for new plants check out Benson Plant Rescue.  They take damaged or overstocked plants from local retailers, as well as personal donations, care for them and then sell them at a discount.  They also sell pots, decorations, and cheap(er) earthworm castings to use as fertilizer.  All proceeds help to buy books and technology for children at Omaha Public Libraries, while keeping materials out of the landfill.

The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum is associated with UNL and promotes knowledge and appreciation of all plants in Nebraska.  To support this mission they host their annual “Spring Affair,” on April 23rd. It’s the largest gardening event in the Midwest.  They have more than 500 varieties of plants (perennials, natives, trees, shrubs, herbs), talks, garden groups, and vendors all in one location.

Have a question about your garden/yard or plant and need an expert?  Our Sustainability Expo on April 28th during Earth Week, will feature a Master Gardener and an Arborist from the extension office.  Bring your questions and, if possible, a cell phone pic of the problem and they can help with whatever you need.  There will be lots of other experts on hand too.  Please see our website for information.

I know many of us suffer from allergies, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the great outdoors!  If over the counter remedies don’t work for you, there are experts at both UNMC and Nebraska Medicine that can help!

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