Zimride Contest Winners

By Melanie Stewart

During a four-week timespan beginning in February, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine staff and students were invited to post a carpool to Zimride, the campus free carpool matching service.  Those who posted a new ride during that time were entered into a Zimride contest, with a chance to win one of 5 prepaid MasterCards worth $25 each.  More than 100 of you gave it a try, and Zimride chose winners at random. The winners are:

  • Emily Chapman, Truhlsen Eye Institute
  • Marion Entz-Harris, Lied Hospitality
  • Karissa Scott, MMI Cytogenetics
  • Amanda Fletcher, Clinical Research Center
  • Erik Zingler, M.D., Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

We shared the love with our “early adopters” and 2 people who had posted rides prior to the contest each received a Nebraska Medicine/UNMC Prize-Pack.

  • Victoria Halinski, Procurement
  • Loretta England, Heart Center Clinic (who formed a 3-person carpool!)

If you missed your opportunity, don’t fret. You can still find a carpool partner, and that’s the real win.  You can save money, wear and tear on your vehicle, save personal time, possibly park closer than you do now, and help to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Omaha.

Did you know that Zimride:

  • Is only visible to people who work here?
  • Is free?
  • Doesn’t require you to respond or interact with any potential matches?
  • Allows you to post additional details (music preferences, car type, etc.) in order to find a good match?

Both carpoolers can, but don’t have to, turn in their parking permits and park for free in one of the lots they were already assigned to…no downgrading.

If carpooling isn’t your thing, TravelSmart has other options that may work for you.  You can walk, ride the bus, or bicycle.  Bus rides, including transfers, are free as long as you are travelling to or from campus.  Free access to showers and locker rooms is provided, and all participants are eligible for a free emergency ride home so you are never stranded.  The free emergency ride home allows one stop, should you need to pick up a child or dependent.

You don’t have to give up your parking permit to participate, but you can in order to save money.  On the days you need to drive to campus, you can use Daily Rate Flexible Parking.  Just $3 for the entire day allows you to come and go as necessary.

Questions? Email: TravelSmart@unmc.edu

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