by Melanie Stewart LiveGreen has a lot of great stuff happening on campus, and we could really use your help on a couple of things: Since its installation in April of 2014 over 3,000 books have been donated to us and given away at the Little Free Library, and that doesn’t count all the books […]

by Melanie Stewart With a little taste of cold weather last week, we are reminded that it’s not too late to make simple, inexpensive changes that can keep you comfortable this winter.  With almost 50% of your total energy bill going to heating, it can save you a lot of money too!  LiveGreen has plenty […]

by Anne Rivas As we finish up outdoor chores this fall, let’s look at some actions we can take now to have a greener holiday season. For instance, it’s early enough to dig a hole for a live, ball and burlap holiday tree. Decide now what size tree you want, and figure out the best […]

By Melanie Stewart Did you know an estimated $7.4 billion was spent on Halloween last year with the average American  spending close to $80 on Halloween related stuff?  Unfortunately most Halloween costumes are intended to be single use items and are often made from cheap, non-recyclable materials and are made of flame resistant fabrics which […]

by Melanie Stewart What is “greenwashing”? Even if you haven’t heard of the term, you’ve definitely experienced the practice. The term greenwashing describes the practice of promoting a product or practice of any company, group, organization, person or government in a way that makes the consumer think that product or practice is “green” when it […]

By Melanie Stewart Hopefully you are aware of Daily Rate Flexible Parking. Which was brought to campus to support people in the TravelSmart program and those coming to campus without a permit. People driving to campus without a parking permit can park in one of three Daily Rate Flexible Parking lots (lot 36, 55, and […]

by Anne Rivas Fall is my favorite time to plant.  I know I have it backwards, but I’ve always liked gardening better in the fall than in the spring. Some perennials can still be planted/divided, as can spring-flowering bulbs. The soil is warm, dry, and crumbly – a pleasure to work with. If you’ve kept […]

By Anne Rivas   “Enough is as good as a feast.” – Mary Poppins   We need to let go of the belief that we have unlimited resources and unlimited space to hide our garbage. Sweden burns its trash to generate energy, and they’ve gotten so efficient at recycling, composting, and burning their trash that […]