International magazine highlights campus sustainability success

Sustainable Business Magazine may not be a magazine on your coffee table, but it’s an international publication with almost 120,000 monthly readers and more than 10.5k twitter followers.  It’s the “only industry publication focusing solely on sustainable business development”.

Sustainable Business Magazine:

  • Spreads awareness of the values of sustainability.
  • Informs the exciting ways in which institutions meet challenges and champion corporate social responsibility.
  • Features associations, universities, and companies in order to detail the ways they promote sustainable development.
  • Produce content based around economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, and social sustainability.

When the editor reached out to talk about our efforts, we were a little surprised they had heard of UNMC and Nebraska Medicine.  We were excited to be the top bill on the cover, first article, and the only American organization featured. 

“It’s an acknowledgement that we are working to lead the world,” said sustainability manager Melanie Stewart, “while some of our efforts fly under the radar, what we have accomplished in a relatively short amount of time is impressive—especially for a research and healthcare institution.  Our work is energy intensive, critical, and never stops, which adds to the challenges but can also amplify the impacts.” 

The title of the article, “A Healthy Future For All” comes directly from our mission. It demonstrates how climate change, waste, and pollution negatively affect our health and explains how our efforts are making changes that can improve the health of many and save lives.

“While we, as an organization, can accomplish great things, we do that with our people,” Stewart says.  “It’s a good reminder how little actions can really add up and how an individual’s voice can make a difference.  I’m proud of everything we have achieved thus far, but am particularly proud of the work the LiveGreen Ambassadors have done and look forward to what’s next!”

You can read the article online here.

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