UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, TravelSmart receive award

Omaha by Design leverages the best ideas in people-centered urban design, to the benefit of our communities’ shared quality of life, in support of a more vibrant, livable city for all.  As part of their work to contribute to a thriving metro by collaborating, educating, advocating, and engaging, Omaha by Design has renewed the Laurels Awards, a community awards series, recognizing the best in people-centered urban design happening now across the Omaha metro.

This series of community awards is designed to recognize local achievements in three core areas – Access & Mobility, Environment & Open Space, Neighborhood Revitalization, and the Young Urbanist Award. In addition, Omaha by Design annually presents its highest honor, the Laurels Award, to recognize an individual, organization or business for significant contributions to great public spaces in the region.

Individuals and groups are nominated for the Laurels Awards by Omaha by Design staff and voted on by their Board of Directors.

UNMC and Nebraska Medicine received the Access and Mobility award for the TravelSmart program—only the 2nd group to receive this honor.

Omaha by Design Executive Director Scott Dobbe said, “We find it (TravelSmart) an innovative example of proactive leadership in simultaneously advancing workplace culture, institutional growth, and environmental stewardship.  Keep up the good work!”

Wondering what makes TravelSmart so special?  Check out these stats*:

  • Currently more than 3,000 participants
  • More than 60,000 bus rides in the last year (just for commuting)
  • A minimum of 800 cars not coming to campus each day
    • Reducing congestion
    • Increasing safety
    • Reducing emissions
    • Improving health
    • Better experience for patients and visitors
  • Providing health benefits to participants, with several noting:
    • Weight loss
    • Reduction in medication (blood pressure, cholesterol)
    • Reduction in stress
  • Reducing a minimum of 29,000 single occupant vehicle travel miles per week in Metro area
    • 5 Million miles per year, and all associated emissions
  • Cost avoiding a new parking garage, at least $30 million to build

             *all conservatively calculated using provided data, not estimates or extrapolations  

Interested in saving money, using time better, and/or improving your health?  Email TravelSmart for assistance in finding a bus route or with any questions you may have, we are happy to help.

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