America Recycles Day

By Melanie Stewart

This Friday, November 15th, is America Recycles Day, a nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting recycling, and buying recycled products.

Not sure what to recycle on campus? Watch this short video to find out, or visit our webpage for on-campus information.  Check out the Wasteline site for recycling information in and around Omaha.  But don’t be a “wish-cycler” –that only creates more problems and increases waste.

Recycling is important and has huge impact on our planet and our economy. In order to complete the loop and make sure your recycling effort has value, buy products made of recycled content.  When you purchase a product take a look at the label.  If it contains the 3-arrow triangle (often referred to as the recycle symbol) it is recyclable.  If that triangle is inside in a circle, that product is made from recycled content.  The package should tell you the percentage of that item that was made from recycled materials, and if the materials are “post-consumer content.” 

Recycled content product diverts materials from the landfill while protecting new or virgin resources, so make sure what you are buying has the highest percentage possible of recycled content.

This year, Keep Omaha Beautiful is challenging people to go further than recycling with their 24-Hour Zero Waste Challenge.  Can you and your family think about waste differently by considering the source?  By being aware of everything you consume, purchase, and use on a daily basis, you may recognize how many things go to the trash—and then find ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle.

Please note, going zero waste is hard (that’s why it’s a challenge!) so focus on progress, not perfection.

Need a little help to get started?

  • Refuse—turn down any unnecessary waste—shopping bags, receipts, any item you don’t need.
  • Reduce—Avoid disposable and packaged products, bring your own containers.
    1. Buy secondhand items—you’ll save something from the landfill and save your money.
  • Recycle Right—both on campus and at home.
  • Rot—Compost anything you can, in your backyard bin or consider signing up for a compost club.

Want to be rewarded for your efforts?  Tag #24hrZeroWasteChallenge on social media, share a story or action, and Keep Omaha Beautiful may select you to win a zero waste kit.

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