Med Center on the Move Winners

By Melanie Stewart

Med Center on the Move encouraged Med Center employees to try taking an active mode of transportation for one of their commutes each week between April 17th and June 30th. Whether walking, taking the bus, biking, carpooling or a combination of modes, active transportation reduces traffic congestions and pollution, helps keep you healthier, and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Colleagues listed below won prizes*:

  • Natasha Willms, Clinical Research Center, free bike tune-up from Ponderosa Cyclery and Tour
  • Emily Cates, Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab, gym/travel bag
  • Amelia Stoltman, College of Nursing, Camelbak water bottle
  • Rachael Woodard, Cardiac Cath Lab, walk/bike safety light
  • Andrew Schleisman, Pharmacy Residency Program, drawstring backpack
  • Ashley Tenney, Respiratory Therapy, hot/cold beverage tumbler

The following TravelSmarties who helped others to sign up also won prizes:

  • Carla Snyder, Office of Health Professionals, zippered padfolio
  • Fran Higgins, College of Allied Health Professions, walk/bike safety light
  • Kevin Finlayson, Cardiovascular ICU, 20 minute massage from the Wellness Center

While these prizes may be gone, you can still use TravelSmart to save money, decrease stress, and improve your health!

Did you know? TravelSmart offers….

Please note that you do NOT have to give up your current parking permit, nor do you need to use active transportation every day to participate in TravelSmart or see the financial benefits.

Speaking of financial benefits, have you ever wondered how much you spend commuting to work?  We have a calculator!  Just plug in your numbers and the calculator will tell you how much you can save, based on which option you choose and how often you use it.  It will also tell you if you will save more money by keeping your current parking permit or turning it back in.  You don’t have to do what it recommends, it’s just helping you to make a decision.

If you are interested in active commuting but don’t think it will work for you, contact us. We are happy to help you with trip planning and answering any questions.

*All winners were selected using a random number generator, matching them to the registration report.

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