Holiday Cleanup

By Melanie Stewart

As the Holiday Season comes to a close we must start the process of cleanup.  As you do so, recycling will help minimize the impact of a season that sees household waste increase by 25%.

Recycle received holiday cards, reuse as many wrapping and decorating supplies as you can, and compost whatever leftover food you can that you won’t eat.

To recycle Christmas trees, remove nails, wires, ornaments, tree stands, plastic bags, and lights and take them to any of the locations listed below.  Volunteers will be in place on the 2nd and 3rd to help unload.  Save gas and spread some holiday cheer by combining trips with your neighbors!

Wreathes/evergreen roping are not accepted but flocked trees are ok.  Click here for complete information. We hope the city will update the end date, currently listed at Tuesday, January 7th; not sure if the day or date is incorrect.

Sarpy County usually has tree recycling, but at time of submission, their page hadn’t been updated for this year.

Have old Christmas lights that you don’t use anymore or non-functioning strands?  Take them to Scrap Central, 2728 N. 85th St, for recycling.  Remove all packaging, bags, twist ties, and rubber bands and Scrap Central will recycle them, donating proceeds to Susan G. Komen Nebraska.

While recycling is great, to really have an impact, reducing and reusing is the best way to go.  Did you/kids get battery operated gadgets?  Rechargeable batteries are worth the extra up front cost, both for your budget and the environment.  Are you buried under catalog clutter?  Remove yourself from mailing lists (they can help with phone calls too!).

Take the time now to make note of what you’d like to change next year, and save money during after-Christmas sales.  Do you need some extra dishes or cloth napkins so you can eat with resuables?  Too much wasted food?  Write down what you can cut back on now.  Were the holidays more about stuff than substance?  You aren’t alone, 70% of Americans would welcome less emphasis on gift giving and spending.  Consider cutting back and start planning with your family now.  Reduce what you buy, draw names, host an alternative gift fair, or donate to a charity instead.  Simplify the holidays now to have a great season next year.


Christmas Tree Recycling Locations, Omaha:

  1. Tranquility Park
    120th Street & West Maple Road.
  2. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
    Northwest corner of parking lot, near intersection of Bob Gibson Drive and South 13th Street..
  3. Orchard Park
    66th Street North of Hartman Ave.
  4. F Street Football Field
    F Street East of 156th Street.
  5. Ta Ha Zouka Park
    20801 Elkhorn Drive.
  6. Kelly West Park 
    87th Street & Park View Boulevard.
  7. Wehrspann Lake 
    Highway 370, between I-80 and 168th Street.
  8. Bellevue Old Sarpy County Landfill
    8902 Cedar Island Road
  9. Papillion Senior Center 
    1001 Limerick Road
  10. Papio Bay 
    815 East Halleck Street
  11. LaVista Sports Complex 
    66th Street, 2 blocks South of Harrison Street
  12. Hughes Mulch Products
    3211 Keystone Drive..

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