Have a Green Super Sunday!

By Melanie Stewart

Are you a Falcons or Patriots fan who can’t wait for Super Sunday?  Or do you just watch for the commercials?  Or Lady Gaga?  At least 120 million Americans will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday and while it’s a marquee event, it also contributes to a large amount of waste.

LiveGreen can help you make your party a little greener with these easy suggestions:

Buy reusable, then recyclable.  If reusable plates/flatware/napkins aren’t an option, buy recyclable items made with recycled material.  Strive for plastics labeled #1 & #2, as they are more easily recycled.  If you have a compost pile, buy compostable items.

Make it Easy. Make sure appropriate bins are conveniently located and labeled so your guests know where to place items when they are through.

Buy in bulk.  Buy larger quantities of the items you know you will need.  One family size bag of chips is less packaging than 2 small ones and a case of pop is less packaging than two 12-packs.

Plan Ahead. When shopping for the party, make plans for what you need and make one trip, which saves gas and your valuable time.  Remember your reusable shopping bags.

Ditch the packaging materials. Make homemade dips, snacks, and party food instead of the premade, prepacked stuff.  You’ll reduce waste and eat healthier.  Consider letting guests make their own mini-pizzas instead of delivery and serve filtered water in pitchers instead of bottled water.

Buy local.  Locally grown produce & meat, locally made bread/buns & cheese, and locally brewed beer reduce waste while supporting the local economy.

Think Healthy.  Need some new recipe ideas that are healthy for both you and the planet, but still taste good?  Check out LiveGreen’s Recipe page on Pinterest, loaded with lots of new recipes perfect for your party.

Reuse old footballs or gear to decorate.  Have team apparel you don’t wear anymore?  Make fun reusable tablecloths or napkins, or other decorations.

Carpool to your party.

Buy rated.  If you purchase a new television for the big game, buy an Energy Star certified television and used the in-TV adjustments to save energy while in operation.

Recycle the old television.  If you don’t have a place to take it now, LiveGreen will be collecting electronics again during Earth Week in April.

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