Bikeshare and transit

As the weather warms up, we can expect to see an increase in bicycle commuters coming to campus.

If you don’t own a bicycle, or only need a bicycle for part of your commute, Heartland B-Cycle’s program can be an excellent option to provide transportation to campus.

Active commuting can be inconvenient due to limited access to transit stops. By using bikeshare, riders can get closer to a destination where buses might not travel. Bikeshare can be a catalyst for people who want to ditch their car but are held back by the “first and last mile” problem, or who live just far enough that walking isn’t always an option. Using a B-Cycle bike also eliminates concerns about taking your bike on the bus or locking it outside on campus. With the addition of electric bikes to the B-Cycle fleet, riders can choose to have a little help getting up those hills and can arrive to work or school faster (and less sweaty).

Biking also makes you healthier in many ways. A study in the United Kingdom in 2017 found that “commuters who cycled to work had a 41% lower risk of dying from all causes than people who drove to work.” Bike commuters had similarly lower risks of developing and dying from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Biking and using the bus also decrease emissions that pollute the environment and harm our health.

Heartland B-Cycle has stations across the metro area. Check out the station map to find locations that are convenient for your commute — like one of the six stations on or near the Omaha campus. You can also use the station map to see how many bikes are available at each station and if there are any electric bikes, as well. On your ride to work, remember to always wear a helmet, and ride with the traffic or use bicycle lanes whenever possible.

This month, Nebraska Medicine employees can purchase an annual B-Cycle pass for a discounted rate of $20 through the Wellbeing Department. Contact Zac Turbes at 402-552-2775 or visit the Fitness Center on the ground floor of Clarkson Tower. There are a limited number of passes, so passes will be first-come, first-served. UNMC students can receive a discounted pass through B-Cycle’s student program, which offers annual passes at a rate of $50 per pass.

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