See a leak, report a leak: Support water conservation

Water is an important resource, and each drop counts. And the med center takes water conservation seriously. One easy but significant way to help is to report water leaks as soon as possible.

Here are the steps for how to report a leak and why it’s important for the organization and the environment. To learn more about water conservation, explore this guide, “LiveGreen: The Importance of Water Conservation.”

How to report a water leak at the med center:

  • For emergencies, call 402-559-4050, and the help desk will create a work order and call facilities immediately.
  • To report non-emergent leaks, go to the UNMC facilities work order submission page.
  • Submit the work order for maintenance requests. This includes repairs, electrical needs, installation requests and are all directed to a building’s zone based on information collected in the maintenance ticket. This means that if the location is incorrectly noted or not filled out, the request will not route correctly. Provide essential details such as contact information, the location of the leak and a brief description of the issue.

Why reporting leaks matters:

  • Water is finite and important. Reporting leaks helps ensure that every drop is used efficiently and minimizes waste.
  • The med center is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint. Reporting leaks supports the med center’s net zero water sustainability goal and demonstrates a commitment to responsible resource management.
  • Neglected leaks can escalate into more extensive issues, causing structural damage and mold growth. Early reporting mitigates these risks, ensuring the health and safety of patients, colleagues and visitors.
  • Reporting a leak sets an example for others, inspiring colleagues to take responsibility for maintaining the med center’s buildings and grounds and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Take action today

Reporting water leaks is a small action that can yield big results. By following the easy steps outlined above, everyone can play a vital role in the med center’s water conservation efforts.

Visit the UNMC facilities work order submission page to report water leaks. Working together, med center colleagues can reduce waste, save money and protect the environment.

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