TravelSmart Gains National Attention

By Melanie Stewart

As you have hopefully heard, the active transportation goal in the Sustainability Master Plan was achieved early…six years early.  Our success is largely due to the TravelSmart program.

TravelSmart is an inclusive program that not only encourages active transportation use, but also provides incentives/amenities for the user while removing common barriers.  The jump in active transportation on this campus is impressive anywhere, but especially in a city that only has one form of public transportation and has minimal gridlock.

We’ve known this, but now others are noticing too.

This month TravelSmart was one of only 36 selected campuses featured in the APPA’s national publication Facilities Manager in their “Sustainability Best Practices” issue. You can read it here, on page 29.

Next month I will be presenting TravelSmart at Practice Greenhealth’s CleanMed conference, one of only two presentations selected to present on transportation.

Are you ready to be a TravelSmartie? Would you like to save money?  Are you looking for ways to fit more exercise in your day? Would you like to reduce pollution and traffic congestion in Omaha?

Whether it’s walking, taking the bus, biking, carpooling or a combination of modes, active transportation helps keep you healthier AND makes our community healthier by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, which affects the health of the entire Metro, but especially those with asthma, COPD and other lung ailments.

Did you know? TravelSmart offers….

Please note that you do NOT have to give up your current parking permit, nor do you need to use active transportation every day to participate in TravelSmart or see the financial benefits.

Did you know?

  • Moms and dads with kids to drop-off and pick-up use TravelSmart
  • Students and colleagues with inconsistent schedules use TravelSmart
  • Business professionals use TravelSmart

… and so can YOU!

*We encourage any employee or student to use active transportation.  However, please note that only employees and students at the 42nd and Dewey campus are currently eligible for TravelSmart.

If you are interested in active commuting but don’t think it will work for you, contact me. I will be happy to help you with trip planning.

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