Sustainability Survey Winners

Thank you to the thousands of colleagues and students that recently completed the Sustainability Survey!  We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your honest answers.

The data we collected are currently being compiled and will provide us with a new sustainability engagement score as well as with transportation mode split information; both of which are sustainability master plan goals.  We’ll report those numbers as soon as we can.  The other information collected will help to inform us on upcoming projects, communication methods, and goals.

I also appreciate the numerous comments that so many of you left in the survey.  There were many great ideas, and a lot of helpful feedback, that will help us as we move forward.  We are as excited and invested in working on these projects as you are—we just can’t do it all at once.  As we work through the data we’ll answer your questions through your Live Green Ambassadors, future stories on this website, and updates posted on the LiveGreen website.

For example, many of you wondered about replacing paper towels with air dryers in restrooms.  Infection Control guidelines do not allow for recycled air so paper towels must be used.  In places where patient care is not an issue, we still need to be mindful of who may be using the dryers.  In many cases the necessary electrical infrastructure is not in place, making air dryers cost prohibitive.  That said, it may still be something to consider for future spaces and remodeled areas.

If at any time you have a question, concern, or additional feedback to provide, please feel free to email .  I’m happy to respond to any type of request, including constructive criticism, and, while it’s not anonymous, it does give you an answer while allowing me to ask follow-up questions.

We wish we could give a gift certificate to everyone who participated, but since we can’t, please congratulate the three lucky people who won this time around:

Matthew Dorwart, Student, Medicine

Nicole Smith, Medical Technology Core Lab

Chris Jensen, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine

Winners were selected by a third party, using a random number generator.

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