Staying energy efficient in the cold

As temperatures drop outside, people can take some easy steps to conserve energy inside.

  • Open blinds and curtains during the day, but button down at night.

Letting the sun in allows the greenhouse effect to heat your home naturally. On the flip side, windows can be a source of heat loss too, so close blinds and curtains at night to add a layer of insulation to drafty windows.

  • Find and fix air leaks and drafts

Drafty windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss. Fortunately, these leaks can be easily remedied with caulking and weatherstripping. If a fireplace is not in use, close the fireplace flue.

  • Close off unused rooms.

To prevent wasting energy on unused spaces, close doors and vents in any rooms that are rarely used.

  • Turn the temperature in your home down a few degrees, especially overnight while you sleep.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, households can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by turning their thermostats back 7° to 10°F for eight hours a day from normal settings.

  • Invest in a qualified smart thermostat, and OPPD will credit your account.

An excellent way to ensure thermostats are set to optimal efficiency is by using a Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat. The device will automatically adjust settings to maintain your programmed preferences.

  • Add an extra layer and get cozy under blankets.

Balance lower thermostat settings by wearing layers and warm socks. Add additional blankets to beds and keep extra throw blankets on couches.

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