New School Year, New Transportation

Schools are back in session and it’s likely changed or slowed down your commute.  It’s a great time to switch a trip, saving you time and money.  Here’s the details you need to know:


It’s FREE!  No gimmick; everything, including the free bus pass will always be free.  Your badge is used only to identify you as a rider and is not tied to your Metro Credit Union account.

If you choose to carpool and all members of the carpool turn in their parking permits, you will receive a FREE carpool pass to the best parking lot among you (your choice); and nobody pays for parking.

TravelSmart is a perk and can save you money while reducing pollution and promoting a healthy lifestyle while reducing parking pressure and traffic congestion.

Parking Permit

Not quite ready to relinquish your parking permit?  You can keep it and still use any of the active transportation options with access to all the support programs.  You can use active transportation as frequently as works for you.  Our Savings Calculator will tell you how much money you can save and whether it’s financially advantageous for you to keep your permit or turn it in—but either way it’s your choice.

Daily Rate Flexible Parking is available if you need to drive to campus and don’t have a permit.  Only pay for parking when you need it, lots are located around campus, and you can pay via smartphone or website.

The 3 month trial starts when you turn your permit in.  You save money while you test out TravelSmart, and get your same permit back if you still want it.


If you want to carpool but don’t know who to drive with, check our carpool matching page.  Signup on MetroRideShare is free and if you use your med center email only people from this campus can see the rides that have been posted.  You don’t have to ride with the person it matches you with, so there’s no harm in posting a ride to see if it will work out, even if you work odd hours or a different shift.  You’ll save lots of money on gas and car maintenance.

Registering for TravelSmart

Click on the appropriate button on our registration page to go to the correct self-service page.  Please note that Nebraska Medicine and Clarkson College employees need to check the “Olympus” box prior to logging in.  If you are unfamiliar with that page check out the instructions with screen shots on our registration page to help guide you.


If you have more questions visit our FAQ page or Video/Resources page.  Or email or call 559-8580 (ext. 3); we are happy to help!

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