Carpool Matching (Zimride)

 TravelSmart: Carpool Matching (Zimride)

If you are trying to find fellow staff or students who may be interested in starting a carpool group, we encourage you to set up a free account with the Zimride carpool matching program. Once you identify and confirm your carpool partner(s), you and your group can sign up for TravelSmart.

Zimride is an online program that allows you to create a personal profile and find other UNMC, Nebraska Medicine, and Clarkson College staff and students who are interested in carpooling and have similar situations and preferences (e.g., live within close proximity, same preferred carpool days and departure times, etc.).

TravelSmart Participant can log into Zimride (UNMC employees and students use your Net ID, what you log on to your computer with, and Nebraska Medicine employees can create an account with their email address).  Once you have logged in, you can post a ride with information on where you are leaving from, when you travel to and from campus, which days you do so, and other information.  Zimride will match you with other people traveling to and from campus that live close to you and leave at approximately the same time.

It is your choice on whether or not you choose to ride with the Zimride match.  You can also enter personal information to increase the likelihood of a successful match–what kind of music do you like to listen to, is smoking allowed in your car, are pets ever inside, etc.  Rides can be posted for carpools/repeating trips or single trips if you need to travel to a meeting or other event.  All rides posted will only be visible to other Nebraska Medicine, UNMC, and Clarkson College employees and students.

Click here for a quick guide on posting a commute on Zimride.

If you are ready to get started,
to set up a free account and establish a profile.

Technical Assistance

If you run into any snags while trying to use the Zimride carpool matching program, you can contact Zimride support by phone at: 1-855-ZIMRIDE (946-7433) or email at

You can also contact us at and at 402.559.8580 (ext. 3)

Frequently Asked Questions about Zimride (carpool matching) and other TravelSmart details.

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