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By Melanie Stewart

Omaha and the surrounding areas are expanding and changing and with those changes there are new opportunities.

You may have attending last week’s open house for Bus Rapid Transit; a new way to move people in the metro, akin to “Rail on Wheels”.  BRT will launch in Omaha in 2018, with a stop at the Med Center.  If you were unable to attend but would like to provide input on the bus, amenities, stations, etc. please take the following survey; the survey link is located on this page:

Link to Bus Rapid Transit Feedback Survey

In the meantime, you may already be or have thought about riding the bus as part of TravelSmart.  The “92 Express bus” currently departs the med center on Dodge Street at 4 times in the afternoon.  While it stops at 62nd, 74th, 84th, and 90th, it ultimately takes riders to the park and rides at 144th (FNB) and 175th (Village Point).

Metro has been reviewing ridership and are considering making changes to accommodate more people.  If you currently take the 92 or have ever considered riding this route, please take the following survey by this Friday, the 24th.


As long as you are taking surveys, please consider taking the Metro Area Planning Agency (MAPA) long range transportation survey.  MAPA is currently seeking public feedback on scenarios that will directly affect Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie counties, but will still affect those traveling in from Washington, Dodge, Saunders, Cass, Mills and Harrison counties.  You will be asked to rank scenarios that will ultimately provide a vision for transportation development over the next several decades; affecting how you commute to work, how others are employed and get to their jobs, travel around the metro, and your tax dollars.

Link to MAPA Long Range Transportation Survey

Your input on these items will affect transportation options in the metro area, thank you for taking the time to share your comments.

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