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For those of you able to attend or watch online, we hope you enjoyed the LiveGreen Scene presentation from David Klitz with the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  If you missed it, you can watch it from anywhere with this link:

You will need Quick Time on your computer to watch this presentation and can download it here. If you have issues viewing it, please contact the ITS helpdesk at 9-7700.

You may have also missed our announcement that LiveGreen now has a Pinterest Page!  We have hundreds of ideas pinned that can be used for the Repurpose It Contest.  Everything from sewing to carpentry with skill levels ranging from “never picked up a screwdriver” to “I have my own shop.”  Entries do not have to come from this page, it’s just there to help you with ideas—and maybe inspire you with some other projects. repurpose lunch box3

Some projects are big and seem really impressive, but it’s often the simple things that are the most inspiring.  Remember the lunch boxes we were going to recycle from Wednesday’s LiveGreen Scene?  A volunteer repurposed them—put leftover pieces of craft paper on the top or sides to make them cute boxes to give treats to friends and family.  Others will be used to send leftovers home with kids who can’t remember to bring the good containers back.  How awesome is that?!?

The LiveGreen Pinterest page also has:

  • Gardening tips, plants and flowers (yeah, it’s finally Spring!)
  • Recipes to use what you have grown
  • Information on food storage, different edibles, and definitions of organic and non-GMO foods
  • Tips and recipes for “green cleaning” (non-toxic, and they will save you money!)
  • Pictures of natural wonders and all kinds of animals (reaffirming how amazing this planet really is)
  • And some items that are just for fun because, you know, it’s Pinterest!

If you need further inspiration or places to find supplies, check out both locations of the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Their inventory changes weekly.  Have items to help the cause?  You can drop them off or contact them to arrange pick up.

Also, Reclaimed Enterprises facilitates deconstruction in metro area buildings and saves items for sale and repurposing. Trim, doors, old growth lumber, they have it all.  Contact them for more information.

Happy repurposing, we look forward to your entries!


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