Med center holds events to celebrate sustainability

In October, the med center held several events for Campus Sustainability Month, engaging with students and the wider community.

Tree planting – On Oct. 24, the UNMC Office of Sustainability partnered with UNMC grounds to host a tree planting event. Two Autumn Blaze Maple trees were added to the campus canopy. Members of the office of sustainability spoke about the benefits of expanding campus green space, including promoting physical activity, relieving stress and reducing noise and air pollution. Attendees put pins on a campus map to show where they thought they could benefit from active commuting investments. Attendees also suggested names for the trees. Visit the med center’s new trees, Alexis and Leif Erickson, in the green space near the Home Instead Center for Successful Aging, upper lot 16.

Health and home performance – On Oct. 24, the UNMC Office of Sustainability partnered with several community organizations to host an event to educate the community about the connection between health and home efficiency. It was the first event held at the new Community Wellness Collaborative. As temperatures drop, weatherization techniques can help ensure that homes are comfortable and energy efficient. Weatherization provides such benefits as improved indoor air quality, less temperature related-illness and reduced hypertension. Shanda Ross, Nebraska Medicine’s director of engagement, outreach and belonging said, “We are proud to collaborate with the office of sustainability to provide resources to our community to help them better understand how sustainability and health go hand in hand, as well as provide them with support for home maintenance or energy assistance.” Speakers and community partners were:

University of Nebraska Sustainability Summit – On Nov. 15, the University of Nebraska at Omaha was the site for the second annual NU System Sustainability Summit. The summit brought together university sustainability leaders and key parties to exchange knowledge and shape the future of sustainability at the University of Nebraska. Attendees participated in breakout sessions on a variety of topics, including the creation of Omaha’s Climate Action Plan and the role of technology in sustainable agriculture. The keynote address was delivered by Craig Moody, managing partner of Omaha-based environmental consulting company Verdis Group.


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