How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Most of us could stand to gain a few minutes back every day…there always seems to be plenty to do, and not enough time to do it.

So what if I told you there was a way to gain some of that time back, and to save money while doing it?

You can, with TravelSmart.

Wait, don’t stop reading!  You may have heard of TravelSmart before and decided it’s not for you.  Or maybe this is all new information.  Either way, please take another 60 seconds to make sure you know the details.

If you are on the 42nd and Dewey campus and have heard of TravelSmart (here’s hoping!) you know that it provides FREE bus passes, FREE showers/locker rooms, bike racks–some of which are inside, FREE parking for carpoolers (in the same, or better, lot!), we can help you find a carpool partner from campus, and if you need it we’ll give you a FREE emergency ride home.  You never have to be worried about being stranded and we can take you to your child or dependent if you want us to, and then take you both home.  You can keep your parking permit and still participate, or you can turn it in to save money, your choice.

Many people participate as a way to save money, and they do.  Not paying for parking, gas, vehicle maintenance, etc. really adds up!  Some TravelSmarties have said it’s like getting a raise—an extra $100 not spent on commuting per month adds up to $1200 a year—and if your holiday bills are coming due now that sounds pretty good, right?

But let’s get back to time.  It’s the benefit people don’t expect when they use TravelSmart.  They worry that the bus route will take a few minutes longer than them driving, or that they have to meet up with a carpool partner, but don’t think about the time that is saved.  You aren’t driving which means you can read, eat, relax, check emails before you get here or finish something up as you leave.  You can skip the gym if you’ve biked/walked to work and back.  Your commute may take a little longer than before, but you still gain time back.  That can make your workday a little easier or reduce some stress at home; either way you win.

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