Got (excess) supplies?

By Melanie Stewart

Many of you have contacted LiveGreen and asked us what to do with excess supplies.  It seems that some of you have projects requiring 3-ring binders but don’t need them anymore and they are taking up space.  Some of you receive paper forms with paperclips, but don’t have a use for them after you scan the documents.  Others ordered a scientific supply in bulk, but had an experimental change and no longer need it, or can’t use all of it before it expires.

You recognized that somebody else is paying for these supplies, so why not save them a little money, prevent items from going to the landfill, and free up some clutter?

We LOVE that you think that way!

To help, LiveGreen now has a “supply exchange” on the LiveGreen Website.  It’s free for any Nebraska Medicine or UNMC employee or student to use and you can post an ad for something others might be able to use.  You can also post requests for supplies if there’s something you frequently need that you think others might have.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Go to
  • Only items from UNMC and/or Nebraska Medicine can be listed. Please don’t list personal items, nor can you take these items home.
  • All items are free or for trade, no money will be exchanged.
  • Lab supplies, office supplies, anything you have that others can use can be posted.
  • Provide as much information as you can: color, quantity, condition, etc. The more information you provide the less time you’ll spend answering these questions from interested parties.
  • Picture worth a thousand words? You can post that with your ad too.
  • All ads will be approved by an administrator prior to being posted.
  • You are responsible for maintaining/removing your post.

Easy, right?

If you have something to get rid of or are looking for something, head on over to the supply exchange and get your item posted.  While you are there you can browse or search other listings.

Item not getting any interest?  Try including more information or adding a picture.  If your item can be used on a medical mission trip, contact Sara Pirtle.

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