Got Supplies?

You’ve probably heard of the medical service trips International Health & Medicine leads to underdeveloped areas around the world.  This year is no different as almost 70 people will be headed to Jamaica and Nicaragua, as well as a local Native American Reservation.  Students from COM, CON, COP, COPH, and SAPH will give up their spring break to work in the heat, bugs, and extreme poverty to treat the citizens in these areas, which often lack access to even the most basic medical care.  Thousands of people are treated each year while students and staff gain a meaningful cultural and medical experience.

Did you know our volunteers need supplies and equipment to take with them to Jamaica and Nicaragua?

Basic items like band-aids & gauze, vitamins, and even medication are needed.  Health care workers often don’t have lab coats or protective equipment, don’t have equipment to help them diagnose the malady, and may still be learning from outdated books.

In order to provide extraordinary care and cutting edge research, we often upgrade equipment but the old versions still work.  But those models are still far more advanced than many of the areas they visit have.  In some cases this can apply to the 2000 version or the 1980 version.

Instead of sending these items to surplus, consider sending them to help patients in other countries receive a higher standard of care.  Don’t have equipment, how about supplies?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • All medical supplies, medications, and ointments need to be unopened and non-expired.
  • Unopened/non-expired toothpaste and toothbrushes are always welcome.
  • Non-prescription medications and other over the counter items are needed, everything from anti-biotic creams and anti-fungals, to pain meds and vitamins.
  • Medical/teaching books are welcome, as long as they aren’t volumes—volunteers have to carry them down there!
  • Equipment must be in working condition. If you have instruction manuals, include them.
  • Equipment cannot be too high tech or require a lot of hard to get supplies—these countries don’t have the infrastructure to support it.

Don’t know what to do with you old lab coat once you get your newly branded one?  They need those too!  Just remove the UNMC/TNMC/UNMCP patch and the embroidery so no one can pretend to be you.

Have items to donate?  Want to check on a supply or piece of equipment first?  Contact Sara Pirtle at or 559-2924.

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