Zipcar: Wheels With No Strings Attached

Need a car? Reserve a Zipcar! UNMC and Nebraska Medicine has partnered with Zipcar to bring self-service, on-demand car sharing to the area. To use Zipcars, simply register as a member, reserve a car online or on your phone, use your Zipcard to scan into the car, and drive away. When you’re done, return the car to the same location where you picked it up.

As a member you get:

  • Access to Zipcars 24/7.
  • Discounted hourly rates for faculty, staff and students age 18 and older. Rates start at just $8.50/hour or $69/day.
  • Gas, insurance and maintenance are included for free!
  • Join for only $15
  • Zipcar can help with two cars located at the med center:
    • “Easyrider,” the crossover/SUV Ford Escape
    • “Josiephine,” the 4-door Hyundai Elantra Sedan
  • Access to Zipcars nationwide

To learn more and get started today, visit

Both cars are conveniently located on the southeast corner of 42nd and Farnam in lot 7.  Cars are available for all med center students, faculty, and employees, as well as visitors, patients and members of the community (click on “community members” in the above link).  Zipcar can be used by TravelSmart participants who need to use a car for work or personal errands during the day, but can also be used by people who don’t own a car or have a car here.  Enjoy the freedom of a car, without any of the extra costs.

Please note, if UNMC employees wish to use a Zipcar for business purposes they must adhere to these approved guidelines:

In support of the TravelSmart program the following are the UNMC Guidelines for Business Use of Zipcar:

  1. Business use of a Zipcar requires prior approval of a department administrator or reimbursement may be denied
  2. The Zipcar annual $15 fee per year will not be reimbursed by UNMC
  3. Zipcar expenses may only be reimbursed; UNMC Pcard, cost center or WBS use is not allowed.
  4. Zipcar reimbursement requests require department administrator approval & official Zipcar receipt.

Need more information on using Zipcar?

Zipcar Basics:

Zipcar Fueling Up:

Zipcar Returning:

Zipcar Extending Reservation: