TravelSmart Update

By Melanie Stewart

We know the Emergency Ride Home is an important resource to have at your disposal as you use TravelSmart.  As such, we expect exemplary service from our provider, but did not feel that this was provided.  Happy Cab and the fleet of cabs they manage will now provide this service.   The rules for using the Emergency Ride Home will stay the same, though the process for requesting a ride has changed slightly.  Full details are provided on our Emergency Ride Home page.

Please note, you will now be asked to provide an account number.  This account number is 5 characters long; 9044_ and the last character will be the first initial of your last name.  So, if your name is Jane Doe, the “D” in Doe will be the last character in the account number 9044D.  If your name is Bob Smith, the last character will be an “S”: 9044S.

If you prefer not to call, you can use Happy Cab’s web booker or their free smartphone app.  The same information will be entered, including the process for the account number.  Using either device allows real time tracking of your car so you know exactly when you need to be to your pickup spot.

Speaking of pickup spots, the instructions for requesting a ride now include a map of available pickup locations on campus.  These locations have a safe place for the car to stop and for you to get in.  All locations come with a GPS-correct address to get the car to that exact location.

New this week: bike rack installations!  Our new bike racks are finally here and will be installed in 3 locations: the east side of the Admin building, by the north door of Annex 14/Brown building, and inside the southeast corner of the North Doctor’s tower parking garage; next to the circle drive.  The bicycle map has been updated to include these locations, as well as the new bike racks installed at the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center and Lauritzen Outpatient Center.

Finally, if you use Daily Rate Flex Parking, make sure you check your license plate.  All Nebraska residents will be getting a new license plate that needs to be updated so you do not get a ticket.  Park Omaha allows you to register multiple cars should you change what you drive to campus.


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