Recycling at ECCP

The materials recycled at ECCP (Nebraska Medicine space at the Mutual of Omaha Building) are the same as other Nebraska Medicine spaces, however the containers/process is different.  Please note these changes below.

Blue Desk-Side Recycle Bins: 

  • By Nebraska Medicine policy, ALL paper must go into the desk-side recycle bin (blue).
    • This includes non-confidential paper items including newspaper, envelopes, post-its, copy paper, etc.
  • You do not need to remove paperclips or staples.
  • Low grade cardboard, often referred to as paperboard or chipboard, does not go into these containers, it is recycled with cardboard.
  • You are responsible for emptying the contents into one of the large, locked containers on your floor.  Papers can be fed through the slot or your manager will unlock it periodically.

Desk-Side Recycling Bins: Look like trash cans, and are black, tan, or grey.

  • These are not personal trash cans, but are recycling bins for metal and rigid plastic
  • Any metal items, see metal recycling page for more information.
  • Rigid plastics (number does not matter, must hold its own shape)
    • Water or soda bottles, pop cans, straws – YES.
    • Plastic bags, cellophane, bubble wrap – NO.
  • See plastic recycling page for more information.
    • Do not place any food, glass, Styrofoam, plastic bags, or paper into these containers

*Note: If your desk-side recycle basket has a plastic liner, it is recommended that you remove the liner so there is no confusion for the person cleaning your area

Trash: Any item that is not recyclable should be placed in the larger lined trash cans (not your desk container).

  • Glass, napkins, tissues, food, gum, wrappers, plastic bags, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, etc.
  • Some areas have “saddlebags” which are small containers that hang on the side of your desk-side bin.
    • These saddlebags are designed for trash.  If they do not have a liner, do NOT place wet/food trash in the saddlebag.
    • You are responsible for emptying the saddlebag into the centralized trash container.
      • Because of this, if you have 2 desk-side containers, please place the saddlebag on the paper recycling container.


  • Breakdown all cardboard boxes
  • Label front or top box “recycle”
    • It must be labeled in order to be picked up as the cleaning crew does not know what boxes are to be saved vs. boxes to be recycle.
  • All grades of cardboard can be recycled; corrugated, paperboard, and chip board.
    • Hanging file folders (usually green) are also recycled with cardboard.
  • Stack boxes against a wall in a main hallway and/or near a large recycling bin or trash container.