Sustainability Expo

You asked us to provide a variety of information that would help you to be more sustainable, save money, and be healthier, so we are happy to announce return of the Sustainability Expo!   We’ll have A TON of information on recycling, food, composting, travel, and gardening, cycling–the list goes on!  New experts will be here as well…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg; see the full list below. 

In addition to the experts on hand to answer your questions, you’ll have the chance to earn freebies, and test-taste foods, including vegan chocolate chip cookies!

When: Thursday, April 27th 2017 from 11:30am to 1:30pm

Where: Lower Storz Pavilion, located on the north side of Clarkson Tower.  Head north at the Chapel, take the winding staircase by the artwork.  To see Storz Pavilion on a map, click here.

Why: To have your questions answered, learn something new, and help you to be healthy save money, and live sustainably.

Use a few minutes of your lunchtime to learn about the topics that interest you, and gain information you can take home and apply.


Come learn about:



Visit the LiveGreen table to make sure you are signed up for the listserv, get information on the latest sustainability initiatives on campus, ask questions, get information from the community, and see if you won a door prize!



Have questions about recycling on campus?  How about recycling at home?  We can answer all your questions!  Stop by to make sure you are in the know and for the chance to win!



Know of all the wonderful benefits of composting, but not sure how to get started?  Come talk our composting expert for advice on how to get started, and what to put in your pile or bin.


No yard for a compost container?  Learn about a no-mess way to compost kitchen scraps in your apartment or condo.  Back by popular demand, the worms will be happy to show how they can work for you!


Nebraska Environmental Trust

The Nebraska Environmental Trust was established in 1992 to conserve, enhance and restore the natural environments of Nebraska. It was created on the conviction that a prosperous future is dependent upon a sound natural environment and that Nebraskans could collectively achieve real progress on real environmental issues if seed money were provided.  The Nebraska Environmental Trust is truly an asset for all Nebraska, now and far into the future. Many excellent projects would never move from the drawing board to the landscape without the financing a grant can provide. Government can do much to preserve the precious resources nature has given us. Now, so can individuals, businesses and public-spirited organizations working together with the strength and support of the Nebraska Environmental Trust.



You’ve heard of TravelSmart, right?   If you have,  feel free to swing on by and talk to us!  We welcome your questions and feedback.  If you haven’t, come learn how you can save money on your commute, drastically decrease pollution, and even get free parking!


Keep Omaha Beautiful

For nearly 60 years, Keep Omaha Beautiful has been offering programs and services connected to litter reduction, community beautification, and environmental education. We strive to inspire and educate people to be stewards of the environment and our community. Thanks to our supporters and volunteers, our collective efforts help ensure Omaha is a clean, beautiful, and environmentally-sustainable city.


The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people; addressing the most pressing conservation threats at the largest scale. With the support of our more than 1 million members, they’ve impacted more than 119 million acres of land, thousands of miles of rivers, more than 100 marine conservation projects in more than 70 countries.


Live Well Omaha

Learn how you can “make the healthy choice the easy choice” at the Live Well Omaha table.  They’ll have information on area bicycle trails,  the Commuter Challenge, “Little Steps. Big Impact” as well as information on programs involving healthy eating and physical activity for kids.


Nebraskans for Solar

Curious about solar power?  Maybe you are considering adding a panel to your home and have questions or maybe you don’t know the difference between a photovoltaic and a solar hot water heater.  Either way Nebraskans for Solar will be happy to answer your questions as well as  providing information on their collaborations with Habitat for Humanity.


Food Storage and Safety

You’ve taken all that time and energy to grow you garden, harvest those fruits and veggies, or buy from your local CSA.  Don’t let it go to waste!  Experts from the UNL Extension well tell you how to preserve foods properly.  Make sure you are canning safely, know what can be frozen instead of canned, and learn those little tips from the experts that make everything easier.


Heartland Bcycle

Heartland B-cycle is the first large-scale municipal bike sharing system in the Omaha metro areal. Heartland B-cycle members will be able to pick up one of the blue bikes at any B-station and drop it off at any B-station.  Bike sharing makes it economical and convenient to use bikes for trips that are too far to walk but too short to drive. As a member, you can use a B-cycle to run an errand, grab lunch, travel from the bus stop to your office, or just get some fresh air. There are as many reasons to use a B-cycle as there are members!

Pssst!  Did you know Bcycle stations are coming to campus!?!


Rain Barrel Demonstration

Have you seen all the benefits of rain barrels?  Want to make one, but not sure how?  Come talk to Andy Szatko for a step by step guide to making your own rain barrel without spending a lot of money.  Andy can also answer questions about storm-water management in the city and at your home.


Transduction Technologies

Transduction Technologies are experts at helping you save money at home.  Ever wondered what a door blower test is or if your home needs one?  Want to know how to apply mastic (or what mastic is?)?  Maybe you have a moisture issue?  These are the people you want to talk to reduce your utility bills at home, without compromising air quality.


Green Omaha Coalition

The Green Omaha Coalition promotes a greener Omaha through collaboration, education, and advocacy.   The GOC does this by endorsing sustainability, hosting fun and informative events, distributing accurate, relevant information, and networking to connect our members, the community, and decision-makers.



Do you want to grow more edibles?  Use less water?  Spend less time mowing?  Come speak with Gus Van Roenn about planting more edibles in your yard and using it for more than turf.   Live in a neighborhood where gardens aren’t encouraged?  That’s OK too, there are lots of ways to grow edibles in flowerbeds and other unexpected places.  Growing your own fresh food is healthy, and can save you money.


Bus Rapid Transit, Metro

Bus Rapid Transit is not just another bus.  It’s an innovative, high-capacity, low cost public transit solution that replicates a rail line.  Thanks to a $15million TIGER grant, it’s coming to Omaha and the Med Center will have a stop!  Come talk to the folks at Metro to see station design concepts, learn where they are in the process, and how this could speed up your commute and improve access to downtown multiple areas of Omaha!


Paradigm Gardens

Paradigm Gardens practices sustainable and organic gardening.  Experts from Paradigm Gardens will be here to talk about water-wise gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics, using earthworm castings, and seed-saving.  They will also have information about bees and chickens being helpful in the garden.


Environmental Health and Safety

When hazardous materials needs to leave campus safely, the experts at EHS handle all the details!  Did you know lots of those items are actually recycled?  If you have questions, these are the people to ask.  Did you know that your office probably has things you should be sending to them?  Everything from the battery in your device to white out that’s no longer usable to the empty can of compressed air you used to clean out your keyboard.  You can bring any of those items to them at the Expo–full details here.


Electric Bikes

Come talk to Bill Moore, editor of EVworld, to learn more about electric bicycles and how they can be used for commuting and recreation.


Papio Natural Resources District

The Papio NRD maintains walking/biking trails, helps with water quality and flood prevention and control, and assists with recreation and wildlife.  Come find out what they have been working on and when the South Omaha Trail connection will be complete!


Tomāto Tomäto

Come talk to the folks from Tomato Tomato and learn about how they run their CSA and indoor farmer’s market.  The campus CSA is run through them and you can sign up while you are there!  Get fresh, local veggies delivered direct to campus for your pickup.  You get to try new types of produce, new recipes, eat healthier, and support local farmers!


Omaha Biofuels Coop

What are biofuels?  How are they made?  Can a car really run on old fryer grease?  If you’ve every wondered any of those things, you are going to want to stop by this table and talk to the Omaha Biofuels Coop!



Mode Shift Omaha is a public transportation advocacy nonprofit organization that was founded in 2011 by a group of engaged citizens passionate about improving transportation options in Omaha, Nebraska.  Working to make a city where anybody can: Safely and efficiently walk, cycle, take public transit, or choose other sustainable and less costly modes of transportation, Have a say, through democratic and transparent processes, in how the city and streets are designed and funded, and Experience a high quality of life.


USGBC Flatwater

USGBC Nebraska Flatwater works to serve as a catalyst for the change in the state by promoting green building practices, technologies, policies and standards through partnerships with other organizations.  USGBC Nebraska Flatwater advocates USGBC and the LEED rating system on a local level. They organize building tours for projects that incorporate the aspects of sustainable design; have members who speak at events and award ceremonies; and work to educates the community and members of important events relevant to their mission statement.  They provide resources of local suppliers, consultants and companies that can help a project earn LEED certification.


Med Center Facilities, Management, and Planning

Wondering how we’ve made some of the incredible strides in energy reduction in the past 5 years?  Want to know how a chiller works?  Need an explanation on energy curtailment?  Stop by the Facilities, Management, and Planning table to ask your questions and learn about future goals!


UNMC Cycling Club & Center for Healthy Living

You know that cycling can be a great way to commute, which is sustainable, but it’s also a great way to be physically active and meet new people.  If you are interested being part of the cycling club and taking part in their free events and/or taking advantage of the amenities at the new Center for Healthy Living, come see Peter!


**Eye Glass Collection

LiveGreen will also collect gently use eyeglasses at this Earth Week event.  We will take them to UNMC Ophthalmology where they will be given to patients at free monthly clinics.