Changes to Daily Rate Flexible Parking

By Melanie Stewart

Effective immediately, the Daily Rate Flexible Parking (DRFP) stalls, located on the surface lot 21 in front of the Lauritzen Outpatient Center, are being removed to allow patients to park there during the pandemic.   Any colleague or student parking in those stalls, even if they have paid for DRFP, will receive a monetary parking ticket.

With the removal of the lot 21 stalls, UNMC Parking Services will allow you to use the stalls in lot 15E (north of the Maurer Center for Public Health & the south side of the Student Life Center) as well as lot 19E (far east portion of lot 19 in front of the Truhlsen Eye Institute).  Both of these lots connect to and include visitor or student parking—do not park in visitor stalls, student parking, or patient lots or you will receive a ticket.  Only park in the stalls that are clearly marked for 15E and 19E.

As a reminder, UNMC Parking Services has outlined a plan to accommodate colleagues and students as a result of the work from home/virtual class initiatives. These additional parking options supplement all of the current parking rules and regulations and are outlined below:

  • For students who do not have a permit or wish to cancel their existing permit, park in a student lot (15S, 17, 33S, 36, 48S, 49, 62, 63 and 65S).
  • For employees who do not have a permit or wish to cancel their existing permit, park in select surface lots. The available lots are lots 7, 17, 27, 49, 57, 58, 62, 63, and now includes 15E and 19E. 

Once in the lot, parkers should use the Park Omaha app and pay $3 for the day.  Parking enforcement can see which cars have paid and only these vehicles will not receive a ticket.



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