UNMC certified as a ‘tree campus’ for 10 years

    The med center has been certified as a “Tree Campus Higher Education” for 10 years. Offered through the Arbor Day Foundation, Tree Campus certification is given to higher education institutions that dedicate time, strategy, education and financing to maintain a diverse, thoughtful tree landscape and culture on campus.

    For the certification, the med center must create a tree campus advisory committee, maintain a campus tree-care plan, hold an Arbor Day celebration and conduct service-learning projects annually. The med center celebrated Arbor Day this year by planting a scarlet oak outside the UNMC College of Public Health.

    The Tree Campus certification shows the med center’s active efforts towards improving the environment and landscaping on campus. Proper landscaping and tree maintenance contribute to several environmental and health benefits, including:

    • Acting as a carbon sink and cleaning the air
    • Adding biodiversity and attracting various pollinators
    • Cooling the streets and city by breaking up urban heat islands
    • Preventing soil erosion and water pollution

    Adding trees to landscaping also can support positive health outcomes by reducing stress, supporting the immune system, creating cleaner air to breathe and more. Trees provide shade and cooler temperatures, which can protect both people and building infrastructure during extreme heat.

    To enjoy these benefits, consider walking through campus and green spaces on campus before taking a test or attending an important meeting to lower stress and regain focus

    Interested in learning more? Join the next tree planting event or sign up to be a LiveGreen Ambassador to participate in sustainability efforts year-round. With questions, contact UNMC sustainability manager Jerrod Bley.

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